The Art of Employee Engagement


I was asking a friend what made his company so remarkable. He replied:


"We all like each other so much that we wouldn't want to let anyone down."


How about that? We view employee engagement as a catch phrase or a transaction or platform or a collection of rewards; does not the concept of engagement speak to the attraction of one person to another? We are afraid to use the word accountability because we acquaint it with rule by consequence. What if we were driven by obligation; not because we had to but because we wanted to.


How about that? A drive that is motivated by a belief that trumps a presupposed agenda for success... 


You wouldn't let your friend down simply because you wouldn't have the heart to face the consequences. This doesn't make you a coward it makes you courageous. Somewhere along the line we decided to pretend that caring is a sign of weakness. This makes it easy for people who don't care to systematically navigate success. Caring is the hard part, it's far easier to create a system to mandate effort. 


Indeed, in this world of Big Data we have predictive analytics to determine the viability of our every action. This way, no one has to take chances and we can waste our lives doing the safe thing.


There are those who remember Steve Jobs as a detail obsessed lunatic who was uncompromising in his vision to build a better thinking process. Mr. Jobs lead with his heart. His frustration has been documented because he did not guard it. It's hard to lead with your heart. When you care about something more than your brain can comprehend, your heart creates what the less-evolved are unable to engage.


  • Anyone can memorize a formula and pass a test. 
  • Anyone can plug into a system and mandate its navigation.
  • Anyone can pretend the creation of others are their own.


...we live in a world where the less-thoughtful stand on the shoulders of those who have the heart to try!


The engagement of human beings starts in the heart of a single person. Leadership has become a lost has employee engagement.


If you don't care... they will know. If you are unable to create... they will not follow.


To look back and realize those who you lead were working around you is only less-depressing than to be unable to do anything about it.


Don't Forget to Remember!




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