The ABDs of Leadership

I’m sure you’ve heard of the ABC’s of selling. Always. Be. Closing. Well I think there should be a similar mantra in leadership. Always. Be. Developing. The ABD’s.

Leadership is not a one and done achievement. You do not become a leader and then stop growing. Whether your leadership abilities are innate or learned over time, they should always be evolving, growing, changing. My leadership style is very different today than it was in my first leadership role. I bet yours is, too.

Gallup attributes a 70% swing in employee engagement scores to how one feels about their leader. We’ve heard this a million times in the past few years and yet so few companies are putting true effort into consistently developing leaders.

Current leaders.

Future leaders.

Future leaders who aren’t even employees yet.

It costs money and time and when an organization is short on those two things learning and development is one of the first budgets to get cut.

And that’s a shame.

Studies are showing that what employees want more than anything now is career development. Leaders are employees, too. Few leaders are in the position they want to retire in. They have desires to continue to grow their career into more and more leadership focused roles. Focusing on their career development by focusing on leadership development improves the company from top down.

Because better leaders make better workplaces.

Organizations who truly want to focus on employee engagement and putting employees first, because they realize the snowball effect it has on every other aspect of the business, should make training and development a priority. They should remember that developing leaders is an ongoing process and, while they can expect leaders to do some self-development, creating a culture of learning will create a return on investment far beyond any other employee program.


Originally posted on Acacia HR Solutions blog.

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