The 3 New Platforms at the SHRM16 Exhibition Hall Candy Store


I love exposition halls (a.k.a. tradeshows). Before I jumped back in as an HR practitioner leading HR for a growing tech company in Toronto, I was all over HR tech companies and followed their every move. I was partial toward SMB’s and was always seeking out new vendors who I have never met or heard of. For this version of the Annual SHRM conference my objective was to connect with 3 new vendors. So off I went strolling through what seemed like thousands of vendors jockeying for attention. At the end of it all I discovered 3 vendors who i thought were doing some interesting things, and here they are.

Red e App - Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Red e App targets the millions of non-desk hourly workers with a mobile workflow communications solution. These people likely don’t have a work-specific email address, nor are they connected to their respective company networks.

Degreed - With offices in Salt Lake City and San Francisco, Degreed’s mission is to “Jailbreak the Degree”, and at its core is a platform that acts as a conduit to all learning opportunities and avenues. Because each and every person learns differently and the vast array of content is used to learn, the Degreed platform looks intriguing. I love to learn but am constantly faced with the challenge of separating the garbage from quality learning content. Perhaps Degreed can solve this problem.

Reflektive - so this was an interesting one. I was taking an Uber Pool through downtown Washington D.C. and the passenger in the front seat and I started talking. He suggested to check out a cool new company exhibiting at SHRM called Reflektive. He further explained that the platform was a talent development solution for the modern workforce. So off I went to the tradeshow in my next opportunity. Based in San Francisco, the company aims to kill the annual performance review (amen to that) by offering real-time feedback, performance management, goal management and check-in products. Only time will tell how they do because the market is getting a little bit saturated with related platforms. However, I did like the lightweight feel of it, which goes a long way in successful user adoption.

So there you have it, the three new HR tech platforms that I discovered at #SHRM16. They’re all different and they all look pretty good. Go check them out, and make sure that you figure out what your core challenges are within your organizations before even entertaining the idea of investing. 


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