Thank You to SHRM Volunteer Leaders During National Volunteer Week #NVW (Video)

There are many quotes used to describe the long hours, effort, dedication and work of volunteers in giving to their HR community.  To me, this one best describes the work of SHRM volunteers: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Some say this quote came from Pablo Picasso others say it was William Shakespeare. Regardless of source, it describes SHRM volunteers perfectly.

As a volunteer, you bring your unique gifts from the workplace and years of experience—guiding, advising and leading others on their career paths and unselfishly share these gifts with the HR community. You are empowering the future of HR and ultimately building the workplace we all envision for the future.

The work you do matters and the gifts you give make a difference for not only our more than 300,000 members globally, but the 115 million workers impacted by the work of HR.

I know you take time away from family, friends, work and yourself to volunteer for SHRM. During National Volunteer Week, I want to say thank you, from all of us at SHRM, for all you do for our members, the HR profession, the workplace and our Society. Together we will create better workplaces for a better world.

Don’t miss the SHRM National Volunteer Week video below.



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