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About three months ago, I was invited to a meeting with some of our marketing gurus and newest Field Services Director (FSD) – and when I say newest, Callie’s been here for 10 months and is practically a seasoned SHRM employee at this point.  But I’ll get back to her later. 

I knew the concept of an HR podcast was to be discussed during this meeting, but I assumed that they were just going to ask for my advice on HR and/or young professional topics, given that I fall in that precious “millennial” category, and I’d be on my way.  I had no idea that they wanted me to contribute by way of co-host of SHRM’s newest podcast!  While I was very excited by this proposal, I did have a moment of panic after leaving the meeting.  I love listening to stories shared on podcasts, but will our listeners enjoy hearing ours?

This is where our FSD, Callie, comes back into play.  Because Callie works remotely, she and I hadn’t had the chance to meet in person at that point.  Tragic, I know.  But it felt like the stars aligned when we did meet a month later – even our wardrobe stars aligned because we wore almost the exact same outfit.  Though we may have similar fashion choices, our paths in HR to SHRM are quite different.  That’s the beauty of storytelling and the HR professional.  We all have different stories of how we landed in HR, and the Honest HR podcast allows our stories – the good, the bad & the honest – to be told. 

Callie and I have now had the opportunity to host some inspiring HR pros (I may or may not have fangirled already), who have shared their experiences in building high-performing teams, dealing with difficult bosses and finding your “why.” Where are we finding such interesting topics, you ask? The SHRM Young Professionals LinkedIn page has been revived and we’re looking to you for upcoming podcast topics and contributions. We may even invite you to be our next guest!

Our third episode of Honest HR dropped earlier this week, so tune in during your drive home, metro ride or evening stroll.  If you like what we’re throwing down, sign up here for notifications when our next episode drops.  And if you’d like to connect with me, share feedback or just chat all-things HR, email me at    



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