12 Skills All People Managers Need To Have


The term team management gets thrown around a lot in professional settings. And while these are necessary for high levels of performance, it’s important to address what comprises team management skills.   

A great source of knowledge on this topic comes from individuals who skillfully manage people on a regular basis.

Below, twelve business leaders answer “What knowledge, skills, or abilities are needed to be an effective - and great - people manager?”

Their answers will help you become the best manager you can be.

They Do...


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A New Path to Employee Engagement



I was impressed to see statistics from Quantum Workplace ("The Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Engagement") that indicated Employee Engagement is actually UP in this time of isolation; impressed and somewhat bewildered. It seems a lot of the things we originally thought irreplaceable in formulating the Employee Experience can actually be replicated. Turns out, organizations have the tools to pivot in times of change, employees are really resilient and customer relationships can maintain their constructive viability without face-to-face contact.

Some might think that people are just happy to have a job...


Overcoming Workplace Bias


In these days of high emotion and polarization, it's hard to know how or even whether to address the feelings of anger, despair or frustration that may be percolating among employees at the workplace. But it would be a mistake for company leaders and managers to stay silent, said Eric Ellis, a longtime consultant on diversity and inclusion.

Today's crises have frayed nerves and opened wounds.

"None of us is unaffected by this," said Ellis, president and chief executive officer of Integrity Development Corporation in Cincinnati. He advised companies to have...


A Human Resource Leader's Guide to Corporate Messaging on Racism


Company leaders have a tremendous opportunity right now to build real trust with people of color by being intentional about the conversations happening in the workplace. And as HR leaders, you have the important role of being the bridge for these conversations to happen. They may not be fun or pretty, but they're important.

As a mental health speaker, much of my work is focused on supporting HR leaders around mental health initiatives. This usually involves addressing the mental health stigma. I've learned having uncomfortable and awkward conversations is the critical...


10 Things You Don’t Need on Your Resume



A job search can be an arduous task with many steps. Typically, the first step is to create a resume that convinces the recruiter to consider you for an open position.

Think of your resume as a spokesperson or a promotional tool—it is important to create a resume that makes a great first impression to a potential employer. If a recruiter or hiring manager requests to meet you, it means that your resume has done its job of marketing you as a suitable candidate.



Enjoy July 4 and Protect Your "WFH Assistants," Too


If you want to avoid a painful and unproductive July 6, read this:

For many of us, pets are part of the family. In the era of COVID-19, the centrality of pets to many of lives has become even greater.

Our pets have helped many of us through a hard day. This weekend we need to protect them.

Of course, I am talking about fireworks. Simply put, they terrorize many animals.

Every year, pets (particularly, but not only, dogs) left outside run away. If this happens, you may not see your friend. Worse...


Why Does Belonging Matter at Work?

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been in a situation where we felt we didn’t belong. Perhaps it was that birthday party of a friend of a friend where you just couldn’t find anything in common. Maybe you were underdressed (or overdressed) for a professional conference. When faced with these types of situations and the uncomfortable feelings they bring up, we typically try to leave.

However, what if the place you felt you don’t belong is the place you have to be for eight or nine hours a day; Monday...


From the Shadows of COVID-19 Comes the Opportunity for Learning and Growth



The disruptions of COVID-19 have brought new challenges to our communities, our workplaces, and our profession. HR professionals have been the first responders of the workplace in the midst of the global pandemic as we grapple with new data and directives about the novel coronavirus that can change by the day.

Our HR professionals are telling us that they’re working long hours to stay on top of the latest information from public health officials and new policies and laws mandated by governments, all while helping their employers navigate through unprecedented...