Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day

SHRM will be participating in its 3rd annual Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day tomorrow, April 26, alongside thousands of other organizations nationwide.  This event, like many other events at SHRM, offers our employees the opportunity to engage with one another, but also learn about our lives outside of the office.  More importantly, this event provides our young, future leaders the chance to spend a day at work with their parents, interact with their parents’ coworkers and learn the ins and outs of work/life balance.


Designed to be more than a career day, the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day program goes beyond the average “shadow” an adult.  Exposing our youth to what a parent or mentor in their lives does during the work day is important, but showing them the value of their education, helping them discover the power and possibilities associated with a balanced work and family life, and providing them an opportunity to share how they envision the future is key to their achieving success.


This year’s theme, Service Force - Agents of Positive Change, will be the driving “force” behind the day’s activities and specifically, the individual project.  The participants will interview a SHRM employee, who exemplifies the qualities of teamwork, positive change and serving others in the community.  The participants will then have the opportunity to share their interview experience with the group.   


Agents of positive change find ways to seek opportunities that come their way.  Their hard work ensures the future is brighter for everyone.  We hope this year’s activities will inspire our youth to be that positive change, impacting everyone around them.  We look forward to our group of future leaders experiencing a real ‘day in the life’ of a valued SHRM contributor tomorrow.  


Note: Please follow our Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day tomorrow via the @SHRMOfficial Instagram page and the @SHRM Twitter handle. 

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