SHRM’s COVID-19 Business Index: Essential Data in Uncertain Times

In recent weeks, the unemployment rate has soared to 14.7 percent, the worst since the Depression era. More than 20 million people lost their jobs in April, with many experts fearing this economic damage is just beginning. Now, business leaders, workers and policymakers are scrambling to adapt to these unprecedented changes to the economy and workplaces.

SHRM has long studied and analyzed workplace trends through cutting edge research. However, the novelty and severity of the changes and challenges engendered by this pandemic demands a timely and tailored approach to reporting the latest...


Establishing Kindness and Trust in the Workplace



It’s a challenging time. Political divisiveness is rife. Economic gaps get wider. And now, the world is on edge over the health and economic impact of a new virus. It’s clear to me that employers must become the trusted entity in peoples’ lives, in addition to the source of earnings, career and job fulfillment. Any company that fails to do this will lose top people, lose top customers and fail to achieve its financial goals.

When employees feel a sense of trust and humanity at work, they translate this into...


Filling the Time During Furlough #COVID19



Is your job affected by the COVID-19 crisis? Are you on furlough for the next couple of months?

If so, use this time to engage in activities that encourage growth, and mental and physical wellness.

Here are some recommendations for how to use this time to set yourself up for success after this period has passed.

  1. Invest in yourself:

Investing in yourself will be the best decision you will ever make. Take the time out to focus on your areas of improvement and work on converting them into your strengths...


Disability Inclusion: Free Professional Development Certificate for HR Professionals



The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed workplaces across the United States. Businesses are trying to adapt in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. But there’s definitely no guidebook to navigating a business through this pandemic. So how can your company find the agility it needs to stay relevant?

Disability inclusion = business success

A strong disability inclusion program can help. At its heart, disability inclusion is about flexibility. It’s about removing the barriers to success for all of your employees. And with more change likely on the horizon,...


Can You Hear Me Now and See Me Too? Tips for Video Interviews



A series of five back-to-back video calls was perfect fodder for some reminders on video interviewing and important protocols to follow. This technology is here to stay post ‘Rona as at least one of the recruitment tactics we will use in hiring. SPOILER: I expect the phone interview will also make a grand return.

These guidelines focus on how to create a strong presence. An interviewing event sets the stage for the first impression. We make judgments quickly that are often hard to challenge and change. Some video...


A Young Professional’s Pursuit


Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to support other young professionals on their journeys to learn and grow! I’ve been fortunate on my professional journey, and am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others so they can get ahead.

There are 3 little stories about my life that feed the 3 different areas I get fired up about sharing – transferrable skills, networking, and online presence! I share a lot more about transferrable skills in my blog post "Transferable Skills and Finding Your Path," but in a nutshell, I said...


A Good Cry

I needed a break. A break from the constant barrage of news, regulations, statistics and a seemingly endless stream of bad news. It’s as if nothing else is happening in the world. Everyone is focused on COVID19 every. single. moment. It’s getting to be too much.

So, I went outside my house to sit on my porch and look at the green grass mixed with the spring flowers and the buds coming out on the trees. The birds were chirping and flying around and a chilly breeze blew across my face. Then I cried. It was wonderful and cleansing.



Illuminate the Illusion of Balance #COVID-19



You may have seen this video, The Great Realisation, the telling of a bedtime story about how we got here and why hindsight is 2020. Whatever our personal experience, collectively, we will always remember this time in history we're all experiencing together. Just as our kids will grow up impacted by parents who worked from home, if it was possible, as students with school closures experienced distance learning in a time of great uncertainty.

I love the free e-book by John Burgerman (Everybody Worries - A Picture Book for Children Who...