HR Storytellers At-Home Edition: Alexander C. Pullen


Alexander C. Pullen, HR manager at GWU and a member of SHRM's Young Professional Advisory Council, reflects on the coping mechanisms he has discovered amid recent racial tensions, including practicing self-care and finding ways to impact society for good.



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10 Ways to Develop Top Tech Talent



Despite the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on employment, several talent segments are still highly desired and needed for hiring. One segment that is consistently in demand and critical for companies to get right is tech-related workers. With tech workers in tremendous demand and their skills and tools continuing to change, it’s imperative HR leaders learn how to attract, manage and retain this critical talent pool. 

Findings from research from SHRM’s Executive Network, HR People + Strategy, Effectively Managing Tech Workers: A New Imperative in the Digital Age, developed in partnership...


Top 5 Characteristics Ranked Most Important by HR Leaders



Several years ago I did some really interesting research into what HR hiring managers wanted from candidates applying for entry-level HR jobs. I wrote about some of the findings in two ultimate guides:

  • How to Get into Human Resources
  • Entry Level HR Jobs

However, I’d like to dig deeper into the concepts from the research to help illuminate what we as HR leaders see as valuable in candidates with little to no actual experience working in the field.

Top 5 Characteristics Ranked Most Important by HR Leaders

This graphic shows the...


5 Traits That Make Your HR Business Partner Great!



I use to think the title ‘HR Partner’ was played out and it probably was for a time. There was a point a few years ago when every HR Pro had to change their title from HR Manager, HR Director, etc., to HR Partner. It always made me feel like we were all apart of a bad cowboy movie, ‘Giddy up, Partner!’

I’ve actually grown to really like the “Partner” in the title of an HR Professional. While many HR Pros just changed their title, I’ve met some great ‘Partners’ in HR...


Employee Empowerment - Straddling the Recognition of Employee Personal Brands vs Their Organizational Engagement



Human Resources has often had to straddle the recognition of employee personal brands vs their organizational engagement. In this day-and-age, many individuals have larger follower bases than those of the organization they represent. Still to this day, individuals have lost employment opportunities due to their social media behaviors. While we see many companies using employee advocacy to boost their brand and celebrate individuality. Take into account employees participating in large gatherings for social justice while navigating a pandemic and enforcing policy outside of work becomes ever-complicated.

The elusive permanence of...


Clearing Up COVID-19 Testing Confusion



Q: I want both my staff and customers to feel safe. As an employer who is trying to figure out how to safely re-open my business, among the things I’m considering is requiring employees to be tested before they come back. But now I’ve heard conflicting facts about how useful or not useful testing can be. What do you recommend?

A: With so much new information coming out daily I can’t make any specific recommendations. What I can do is describe the two types of testing that are being done and why you may...


Overworked and Stressed Out


15 Sources of stress for leaders:

  1. Incompetence. You’re flaying in water that’s too deep for your current abilities.
  2. Procrastination. Lack of preparation makes your heart race.
  3. Lack of control. A forced retirement is stressful, for example.
  4. Delay. Waiting for team members to do their jobs makes you pace.
  5. Disappointment. People who don’t complete commitments are like empty glasses to the thirsty.
  6. Lack of skill at delegating. Every time you delegate to the wrong person, stress increases. (One way to spot great team members is stress goes down when you delegate to
  7. ...

7 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Team



Businesses around the world face a changing normal, where it’s hard to say what things will look like in one year, much less six months from now.

For some this means finding entirely fresh ways to bring value, for others it’s navigating a crush of demand, and many are trying to figure out how to maintain culture and productivity with a distributed, remote workforce. There are many challenges—and you need every solution to help you meet them. Finding ways to encourage creative thinking is vital to your...