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I spent several years as an HRIS and Quality Manager. In this role, I was often asked to “pull numbers” on retention, turnover, benefits usage, 401k participation, and click activity on jobs in our ATS. HR departments have a tradition of collecting lots of HR data. However, this data often remains unused. As soon as your organization starts solving their people problems by using data, they are engaged in people analytics.

With the increased focus on measuring diversity, gender pay equity, skills gaps, labor utilization, retention rates, real-time feedback, and even organizational network analysis,...


Workplace Tips for the Holiday Blues



We just survived Thanksgiving weekend and now, we brace ourselves for the rest of the holidays.

While the holidays can bring joy to many, it can also bring increased anxiety and sadness to others.  For most of us the season is an emotionally charged mixed-bag of ups and downs.

Why do we tend to feel sad and overwhelmed?

Oh, I don’t know…. it could be the unrealistic expectations we have which leave us feeling like there is a big gap between what other people are experiencing and what we’re experiencing....


How to Discuss Year-End Performance With Your Supervisor



Tis the season for year-end performance reviews! As you prepare to summarize your achievements and meet with your manager for performance discussion, below are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Have a list of accomplishments with you

Make a list of all your achievements from this year. Think about what you did “exceptionally” and how this year was different from previous years. I usually start my achievement list at the beginning of every year and continue to update it throughout. Doing so will help you remember all your achievements...


The Rise of the Four-Day Workweek



The idea comes up often—and then passes. Now, a big corporate name has stepped into the fray and tested a four-day workweek, with results that could create some serious momentum toward a game-changing movement.

As an experiment, Microsoft gave its Japan-based employees all the Fridays in August off, while still paying them for five days. And the results were eye-opening: productivity, which the company measured as sales per employee, jumped 40 percent over August 2018. Reasons may be a combination of feeling empowered and trusted and the ability to recharge....


Technology Disrupts the Elves



The legend of Santa Claus dates back to the 4th Century St Nicholas – Nicholas of Bari or Nicholas of Myra. The elves have been talked about since Pagan times – in Scandinavia as house gnomes – some of whom were helpful, and trolls, who were not.

Some of the modern-day elves include Alabaster Snowball, Buster Evergreen, Pepper Minstix and others. Alabaster is the only elf with a university degree and updates the Naughty and Nice list – some say as frequently as four times a minute. Sugarplum Mary is...


Turn Your Hiring Manager from Adversary to Ally in 2020



The life of a recruiter isn’t easy. It’s hard enough trying to find, engage and deliver amazing talent to our companies. Yet hundreds of HR leaders have shared that their biggest roadblock is actually internal: working with their own hiring managers (HMs).

What do they mean?  Hopefully, your HR team is seen as a true business partner with your HMs but that’s not always the case. We’ve all experienced where a great passive candidate is sourced and sent to the hiring manager only to fall into a black hole where they never hear feedback. This...





For many years, I have written the ongoing tale, the Jewish Guy Who Wears A Chai, about the potential minefields HR professionals must navigate during the holiday season.  In order to address what can be real risks, I have employed a touch of sarcasm, and by a touch, I mean a ton. 

This year, I am going to park my snark and focus on what the holidays are primarily about but which increasingly employers...


The Aqueduct – Treat people with Dignity and Respect



In 3500 BEC the Minoans, on the island of Crete built what seems to be the first aqueduct. The aqueduct had a huge impact in Roman time when the invention of the Roman Arch allowed the aqueducts to carry water for several kilometers. Fresh water was always important, but the invention of the aqueduct changed the game. The Roman bath stays famous even to this day. Previously, workers would fill jugs and carry water for long distances. The aqueduct had a huge impact on workers carrying water.

Circumstances change and...


The Opportunity Economy


2020 seems like an ominous number......

I'm sure there are movies of lore that have characterized the year forthcoming with jet packs and laser beams. Much has changed through technology and there are trends emerging that will have an impact on the way we work in 2020.

People's personal mantras are more important than ever. Whether you are passionate about fitness, mental health or the environment; your personal passions come with you to work. With the evolution of the home office and the gig economy, the line between work and life is becoming ever-blurred. Companies...