Super Bloom



Last year I read about a super bloom in California.

This super bloom came after years of drought, and if not for the fact that this very topic came up in conversation several times in the context of work, it would have just been one of those unique stories that got buried in a year full of them.

The super bloom is special because it’s a transformation brought about by the sudden introduction of a resource that had been lacking. What was already a healthy ecosystem suddenly became exponentially so.

I’ve often thought about this when it comes to our work environments.

When I read about the state of employee engagement across the US, I can’t help but make a connection between what many consider deserts of employee engagement and the potential for a super bloom.

It’s obvious something is missing, and that something is really important.

What’s lacking is a consistency in helping people find meaning in their work, building environments that foster healthy relationships among coworkers and supervisors, and empowering people to live and work to their potential.

Easier said than done, I know.

But here’s the thing. It rains in the desert from time to time, and when just the right set of variables come together at just the right time, and it’s delivered in just the right way, an environment that evolved to survive in unforgiving conditions is given the opportunity to thrive.

And in my book, that gives all of us who are working hard to build more human organizations a fighting chance.

Originally published on Carlos Escobar blog.



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