Summer's Gold Medal HR Reads

 The SHRMStore has award-winning and popular HR titles. Here are the ones that performed at their peak this summer! 

 Gold Medal SHRM Read:

The Essential Guide to Workplace InvestigationsThis invaluable resource provides all the plain-language forms, sample policies, checklists and sample documentation that managers, supervisors, business owners and HR professionals need to conduct a successful investigation, step-by-step, that will stand up in court. Get the facts on:

  • Deciding whether to investigate
  • Choosing an investigator.
  • Interviewing and gathering evidence.
  • Evaluating the evidence.
  • Documenting the investigation.
  • Taking action and following up.

The 2nd edition of The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations includes a new chapter on investigating employee substance abuse, plus updated charts and legal resources for all 50 states. It also incorporates the latest developments in employment law, including changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and important Supreme Court decisions on age discrimination, age retaliation and more. Plus, you’ll get all the legal forms you need on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Runners Up:

  1. Auditing Your Human Resources Department Auditing Your Human Resources Department’s comprehensive, on-target process helps HR professionals accurately gauge their strengths and weaknesses in 16 key results areas. 
  2. Your State and Federal Employment Law Manual With an extensive library of HR forms, these popular legal, state-specific compliance products are now available as a web-based service. 
  3. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 This "other kind of smart" is the #1 predictor of success both personally and professionally. This book helps readers identify their emotional intelligence and build their skills into strengths. 
  4. Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond Every employee needs to understand one basic truth: A respectful workplace is more pleasant and more productive for everyone. This new training series brings this message home. 
  5. 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees Inappropriate attire, lateness, sexually offensive behavior, not to mention productivity and communication issues. Learn how to discuss these topics with employees. 

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