Why Data is Key to Closing the DEI Gap

The challenges to creating a workplace that works for all of us are multi-dimensional. They start at the top, where a lack of diversity in the executive ranks is pervasive. Progress is further complicated by a need for greater accountability and the right kind of training. Ineffective standards and tools for measuring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) also trip up far too many organizations. It’s here, however – in the data – where a real opportunity for creating meaningful change exists.

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and SHRM, sponsored by Trusaic, reveals that while 65% of respondents...


A #SHRM21 Interview with David Lichtenberg, Partner, Fisher Phillips

Who is Fisher Phillips?

David: Fisher Phillips is a national labor and employment firm that helps businesses respond to today’s changing employment law equation – and prepare for tomorrow. With more than 450 attorneys in 36 offices across the United States, our team provides practical business solutions for employers’ workplace legal issues. Labor and employment law is all the firm does. We go beyond the outdated “playbook” to offer flexible, creative solutions to the new workplace dynamics, immersing ourselves in each client’s unique


#SHRM21 - Speaker Interview with Buddy Bush, The Change Curve

I had the chance to connect with Buddy Bush, an Executive Coach and Team Accelerator with JB Training Solutions. Buddy is presenting The Change Curve: Managing Uncertainty and Ambiguity Within Your Organization at #SHRM21 on Saturday, September 11, from 7:30-8:30 a.m. PT.

The topic of change has always been relevant to the workplace. As the old saying goes, "The only thing that stays the same is nothing stays the same." Change is inevitable. How we manage through change, and support our teams/employees through change is where the rubber meets the...


#SHRM21 A Time of Renewal for Human Resources Professionals

In this season of our new normal of pandemic challenges, the great resignation, and global unrest, I invite you to ask for what you need, then act like you deserve it. You need and deserve SHRM21!

The 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Expo rejuvenated me and my career. How? Inspirational moments with excited attendees, experts, speakers sponsors and expo vendors. 

Excited Attendees: The new HR practitioners brought unmatched curiosity and enthusiasm. The seasoned HR Professionals shared a global perspective, lived experience and tenacity for breakthrough sustainable change.


#SHRM21 Interview with Julie Doyle

We’re in the final countdown to the 2021 SHRM Annual Conference and Expo! I don’t know about you, but even as an introvert, I’m ready to see my people, learn new things to bring back to my team, and “conference,” as my dear friend and fellow #SHRM21Influencer, Kyra Matkovich says. Conferencing is a verb, and I’m ready for it!

You know what else I’m ready for? Julie Doyle’s session “Gain a Competitive Advantage by Identifying & Developing Your High Potential Talent” on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. PT I know,...


Interns Are Employees, Too ... Sometimes

As a SHRM HR Knowledge Advisor, I receive many questions concerning internships. SHRM members often wonder whether they are required to pay interns (and, if so, how much) or whether interns must complete new-hire paperwork. Members have also asked whether interns can be classified as independent contractors and receive a Form 1099 rather than a W-2 and whether interns are entitled to employee benefits. Hiring interns can seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are two types of internships—paid and unpaid. For an internship to be unpaid, the individual circumstances must meet criteria established by the...


The Future of Employee Engagement - Beyond Analytics and Surveys

Employee engagement has been one of the critical drivers and most focused topics for years. Organizations increasingly expect ‘more from less’ from the productivity standpoint as digitalization finds its way in how organizations and teams operate internally and externally with customers. Therefore, the level of employee engagement is the critical driver of productivity. Although there are various definitions for employee engagement, my simple definition is the employee’s emotional connection with the organization and motivation to take the extra step toward its mission. With the pandemic having a seismic effect on businesses and the workforce in terms of how and where...


Milestone 20

This coming week will be my 20th SHRM annual conference to attend. This feels like such a milestone in my life. It was supposed to happen last year, but COVID-19…

Since some of you reading this may be attending your first SHRM conference (like one of my #peacocksisters/best friends, Tina Marie Wohlfield), I hope that you might appreciate me waxing nostalgic on past conferences. So, let’s start with the first conference that I attended.

San Francisco 2001:

I had just gotten engaged to my wonderful husband, Ken, and he helped me to save up so I could chaperone 4 UNC...


#SHRM21 Speaker Q&A: Dawn Kelley

This week we’re featuring our favorite SHRM speakers so those in attendance can learn a little more about who they are and their session through a Q&A session. Today we’re featuring Dawn Kelley.

Dawn Kelley is the Human Resources Manager for the City of Modesto. She is a certified HR Professional and has served in HR roles for more than 25 years providing a high level of expertise specifically skilled in leadership development, coaching/ supervision, employment law, and California uniqueness! Dawn has a reputation for being a strong, empathetic leader. She spent several...


My Conference Tips for Virtual Conferences #SHRM21

I’m SO excited for the upcoming SHRM Annual Conference and Expo coming up this year in Las Vegas! The last SHRM Conference I went to was in 2019. I knew that the conference experience would be “different” this year, but I wasn’t sure how and honestly -- and after weighing all my options and my personal situation, I decided to attend the conference virtually this year.  Disappointed to not see all my people in person now two years in a row -- sure! But I’m committed to having an amazing annual conference...