Does Your Candidate Experience Enhance or Hurt Your Employer Brand? | SHRM Ask an Advisor

This week I received an interesting question regarding how we can encourage more job candidates to apply with our company.

Competition for top talent is fierce. Forward-thinking companies are stepping up their game to create an excellent candidate experience.  Have you looked at your candidate experience from a job applicant’s perspective?  Do you make it easy to apply for a job with your company?  Do you follow up with everyone who applies? 

I had a not-so-great interview experience a few years ago. A company I interviewed at did not communicate with...


Pay Banding: Why it Needs to Focus on the Position and Not the Person


Pay banding drives pay equity, both are important for transparency, serving to keep employees feel valued and engaged without any untoward biases.

Erika Lance

Pay banding is a compensation management approach that provides a salary range based on a position and its requirements as well as considerations of market rates. It’s a way of ensuring that pay rates are equitable both within a given position and between positions based on the value assigned to each role.

How Pay Banding Works

Pay bands establish clearly defined upper and lower...


7 Burnout Busters

It’s been a wild and bumpy ride over the past eighteen months for everyone, everywhere! Burnout is rampant in many workplaces, and HR professionals are often the most underrecognized workplace heroes, just as vulnerable to burnout as everyone else. If you are feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually drained, you need to pay attention to your own ‘burnout’ meter’ and take care of yourself, so you can better take care of others.

You know you are toast when you're always exhausted, not laughing, highly critical or cynical, disengaged, or feeling overwhelmed. We can...


Seventeen Best Ways To Retain Employees In Today's Workplaces

How can companies go about retaining the people they have in today's environment?

A variety of HR professionals and business leaders weigh in to answer that question. From sharing the job incentives that matters most today to highlighting employee wellness trends in hybrid workplaces, there are several ways to retain employees at your organization. ...


Part 4: Why Do we Have so Much Resistance to Change for the flexible Workplace? Some of Our Beliefs Could Slow Down the Future of Work

Experts vary on the number of cognitive biases we may hold. The scariest list comes from Wikipedia, with over one hundred - 188 to be exact. Less than 20 permeate the workplace. People's beliefs create a corporate culture. And I wonder to what extent they might be at the root of the resistance to change that is slowing down the Future of work set up - the flexible workspace - that a large majority of people want. Let’s dig in.

As for the brilliant categorization of Buster Benson, the author and creator...


Part 3: Why Do We Have so Much Resistance to Change for the Flexible Workspace? We're Doing it the Human Way

For the remote or hybrid market to be mainstream, some people/companies have to take risks for others, and this could give a long-term competitive advantage to them with better people retention rate. But why does it take so long to implement social innovations?

As humans, we need to “see” to decide

As humans - our perception is directed by our nervous system and our five senses. Among them, the most important one is the vision. Experts consider it to be the engine of half our brain resources consumption. No wonder we rely...


#SHRM21: Don’t Let What Happened In Vegas, Stay in Vegas

Inspiration. Bravery. Passion. Advocacy. Activism. Charity. 

These are a few words that come to mind when I think of Ms. Opal Lee, the “Grandmother of Juneteenth.” At almost 95 years young, she owned the stage at #SHRM21 in Las Vegas and had the audience gripped by her stories about growing up in Texas, and her dream of Juneteenth being celebrated as a national holiday. On June 17, 2021, that dream was realized as she watched President Biden sign the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, commemorating June 19, 1865, the day that Union...


#SHRM21 Top Three Takeaways From Wired to Connect

Wired to Connect: The Neuroscience of High-Performing Teams
Speaker: Britt Andreatta

Three Takeaways:

  1. Our need for food, water and shelter is to survive. These basic needs remind me of Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy of needs. The physical needs are foundational. For example, it is difficult to hear your team member when you are exhausted. We see this in the workplace now more than ever because of the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We must continue to come alongside our colleagues with the question. What do you need? Then seek out ways to swiftly and collaboratively address those stated needs. 
  2. Our
  3. ...

#SHRM21: Tie-Dyed HR is More Than Just a Pop of Color

Walk into any Mega Session at the National SHRM Conference and you can expect to see some pockets of empty seats. After all, it’s hard to know how many will show up as there’s no real pre-registration for preparation. But when Steve Browne is the Mega Session speaker, be prepared for a full house. And this year was no exception. 

Steve spoke twice on two different topics of human resources professional purpose and alignment. You see, for Steve, his 37-year career in HR is not about arrival, but rather, actively pursuing a destination. What’s the difference? As HR practitioners, we...


#SHRM21: Let's Talk About Mental Health

I can count on one hand the number of keynotes that I’ve attended that have left a lasting impression. I’ve attended many that are entertaining, and some that were… seriously meh. But when someone stands on a stage with a message that strikes a chord with every word, leaving you standing on your chair, yelling "YASSS!" - that’s rare.
Enter Michael Phelps.
I’ve seen every Olympic event where he won a medal. And I watched as the world judged and condemned him after a photo surfaced of him smoking marijuana and...