Strangers Along the Journey to Success


As I navigate the treacherous waters of the professional career world, I’ve collected a few nuggets of knowledge along the way.  Many of them have been from strangers I’ve met along the journey.  There have been three that I’ve always been reminded by, that influence my career and ultimately make me excited for those strangers I will meet in the future.

As I began my professional career right after college, I met stranger in an interview.  I ended up not getting that job I interviewed for, but was recommended by the interviewer to her friend who was hiring for another role at another company.  While bummed I didn’t get the original job I intended to land, I fortunately was connected to a new one that jumpstarted my HR career and set an incredible foundation for me.

The second stranger I met once told me that “work is just a four letter word”.  While true, I think it is so much more now.  We spend a good portion of our day at work and it even infiltrates how we create our self-identity (for better or for worse).  Nevertheless, while only a four-letter word, it’s help built some of the best relationships I’ve gathered thus far in life.

Just by saying “hello” was how I met the third stranger.  In that simple act of initiating a conversation, I built tremendous relationships that I still keep today, building those quality connections and relationships that generated shared experiences.  It is through those shared experiences that seem to create and bond groups even in front of incredible adversaries.  In a former HR life, we bonded over many things, however one of which impacted us all and gelled us together.  That bond over an experience is incredible and last far longer than I had ever imagined.

While some of these strangers are strangers no more, it’s been those interactions that make this journey so great and exciting.  I enjoy being on this journey and the strangers I will meet along the way.  In every experience, there has been an underlying theme, it’s those strangers along the way that have help me in some way or another to my destination to success.

Greg is the Senior Manager of Human Resources at AppDynamics, the premier Application Intelligence company empowering today’s software defined businesses.  He is also an avid succulent propagator.  You can reach him at  What is your four-letter word?



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