Stop Whining and Hustle

Last week I was complaining to Lynn about booking three events on consecutive days that will require me to travel to Florida, Las Vegas and then back to Florida. March Madness has me a little travel weary and I shot her a quick note:
“Lynn, hit the pause button. We need to discuss Florida to Vegas and back. That is aggressive.”
She responded appropriately:
“Seriously, Ryan? Stop whining and hustle!!”
I started laughing and of course, we are now committed to delivering those three events. It was absolutely the right call and now you know a little bit more about our culture and shared commitment to what we are building. It truly is a team effort.
Who you surround yourself with is the single most important decision you have as a leader. As an entrepreneur, the first couple of hires typically make or break the business.
I had the great privilege of seeing Jim Rohn speak live before he passed. I was just starting my career and I still have my notes from his session. I haven’t forgotten this little pearl of wisdom:
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
Let’s face it: The people we surround ourselves with influence our perspective and shape how we experience the world around us. Choosing the right people can propel you forward.
I continue to benefit from spending time with people who are invested in helping me become a better version of myself. I’m learning and growing from their example. Occasionally, as is often the case with Lynn, the benefit comes in the form of a direct challenge or a push in the right direction.
I’m grateful and better for it. If you want to raise your own capability and continue making forward progress, it pays to ask yourself: Who am I spending time with? How is that working?
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