Stop Trying to Find Needle in the Haystack, Use a Magnet Instead #SHRM19


Let’s start with the question, “What is the most important asset of an organization?” Which one is the master key that can unlock the tremendous potential of a company? Your business idea maybe very unique, you may have great investors lined up, you have state of the art technology, BUT to manage all these you also need the best employees. This is what makes human capital the epitome of business success. Once the right set of self-driven employees are on board, all other pieces of puzzle like infrastructure, financial capital, technology etc. will fit together perfectly. Recruitment efforts will become conspicuous for CEOs who have understood this aspect. Rather than just filling the position, they will be ready to spend weeks and months to make sure that they have selected the right candidate.

The beginning of a new life - a new baby as a metaphor

The growth of the company can be compared to growth stages of a baby. Once an organisation is ‘born,’ the first few years will be a struggle phase, but in retrospect, it is also a stage where immense learning happens. During this time, you need strong people around you. It is important to have employees who love challenging work, have a thirst for knowledge and are self-motivated. Such employees should also realize that work can be unstructured and many of the functions, processes, structures, chain of command etc. are still evolving. This is similar to how an infant needs to be surrounded by parents and family members who are strong and wouldn't give up no matter how difficult things are.

The visionaries of the company would want to instill certain values and norms across the organization, much like how parents teach their kids about morals. As a company is growing, you would also want people with the shared qualities of compassion, fairness and equality to associate with you. This gives birth to “corporate culture.” Parents may want their kids to play with other kids who have similar values. Similarly, one way to retain company culture is to hire people who have similar drive when it comes to innovation, learning, digital transformation, risk taking and growth orientation. 

The challenges faced by an organization are never-ending, exactly like the parenting conundrums. Even when the baby is self-sufficient, there will come challenges during the teenage years (aka change management and resistance), then college years (continuous learning/change in technology), finding job (expansions/opportunities), relationship mistakes (with partners, vendors suppliers, agencies), parenting (mentoring/coaching) and wrong investments. During these challenging situations, it is imperative to have the right set of employees in the organization. Now the question is how to find and hire them.

Conscious HiringⓇ

Hiring the best talent is easier said than done. A few decades ago, most people were satisfied with a decent salary and some savings kept aside in form of pension and retirement benefits. The needs of today's workforce are so different that you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. Every aspect like compensation, benefits, job responsibility, and working hours can be tailor made to the extent that each employee would feel that their needs are met. Despite all these efforts, attraction and retention of talent is still one of the main challenges faced by companies. This is where a value-based employee selection system like and Conscious HiringⓇ by KeenAlignment comes in handy. According to Magi Graziano, CEO, Keen Alignment, the cost of a hire and even the cost of a mis-hire and unexpected employee turnover can be calculated in advance. She will be talking more about this system in the concurrent session on Conscious Hiring at the SHRM 2019 Annual conference.

Hiring Young Professionals

A much-asked question by young professionals is, “What do I get in return?” Thirty years ago, finding a job that pays well used to be a nightmare even for talented people. But now even the final semester college students have multiple job offers in hand with high compensation. When it comes to experienced professionals, one click on LinkedIn and their inbox will be flooded with job ads and messages from recruiters. Out of all messages and chaos, how do you get the right candidate to apply for the position in your company? Take a walk along the exhibitor hall at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition to find the answer to this question. You can discuss your hiring challenges with representatives from companies such as:

Lucas Group - Executive recruitment search firm (Booth #2408)

AppleOne -Hiring made Human (Booth #2306)

TextRecruit - Candidate engagement by recruiting through text message (Booth #1928)

Hiring the wrong person can lead to loss of time and money. Precious time will be wasted for conflict resolution, delay in projects, policy formulation, clarifications, and finding a replacement. The challenge doesn't stop once the right candidate has joined the company. It continues throughout the life-cycle of the employee. Finding the right candidate from the millions of job applicants is like trying to find needle in a haystack. Companies such as Lucas Group, Appleone and Textrecruit can help you to become the magnet that attracts the right talent. 



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