Stop! Thief!



It finally happened…to me.

I’ve heard about this before. I’ve seen it on TV shows. There’ve even been many different news accounts of this sort of thing. It happens almost everywhere people work. It’s annoying. It’s loathsome, abhorrent, despicable, and just plain wrong.

“Who took my lunch?”  “Who ate my cake?” “Somebody drank my juice!”  I’ve witnessed it happen to others, but it never happened to me…until TODAY!!

To all of you who have been the victim of workplace refrigerator theft, I now feel your pain. It’s such a violation. I no longer feel safe putting anything in the company fridge.

Today, I went to the refrigerator to get my lactose-free milk and someone had opened it, broken the seal, poured out half of a pint and put the carton back. Seriously. What’s wrong with people!? Who raised these people? It’s not yours; you don’t get to use it. Simple!

The refrigerator is there for the convenience of everyone, but we should respect each other’s property /foodstuffs and never take anything from the refrigerator that does not belong to you without express, clear, unambiguous – maybe even written – permission from the owner. No exceptions.

I don’t have extra money to buy pints of lactose-free milk for the convenience of my money-earning coworker who could darn well buy their own!

Who lurks in the shadows and sneakily moves under the radar to abscond with the fat-free, lactose-free milk that clearly belongs to someone else? Buy your own!  Or use the free non-dairy creamer, or go to the Starbucks up the street. They have FREE milk…of different varieties.

Are you just trying to annoy me!?  Well you succeeded.

Oh. Employers, you can borrow my words up there in bold if you want to write a policy or a memo or make an all staff announcement.


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