Stop Doing Stuff That Doesn't Matter - A "Tune in Tuesday" Recap



I tuned in Tuesday for the launch of the “Tune In Tuesday” series for a session featuring Johnny C Taylor Jr. and Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix. This format was great - an interactive live session in which participants could engage and connect with fellow HR pros in the live chat window during the presenters’ conversation.  

Patty addressed many topics in the hour including many entertaining sports analogies. She discussed the importance of practicing crucial conversations with honesty and directness in the workplace; for example, parting ways with employees who don’t fit the company’s developing and future needs.  

A key takeaway for me was her statement: Stop doing stuff that doesn’t matter.  

Patty recommends we think about the things we’ve always done and ask ourselves, “Do these things still matter?” Look carefully at policies, rules, compensation… etc. and evaluate each with this in mind and ask the question, “If I started again now, is that the way I would choose to do it?” And furthermore, “Does this suit our needs now and support us in the future? (to help us get where we’re going?)”  

This reminds of Marie Kondo and the method taught in her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. In a recent conversation about the pandemic lockdown, I was relaying this concept saying we should “KonMari” all aspects of our personal lives and our work cultures. In a time when so much has been removed and taken away, this is a great opportunity to evaluate and self-reflect on what to put back, what to stop doing, and what not to put back into our lives and our work cultures.  

I am appreciative of the content provided and that the conversation gave me something to contemplate, evaluate and implement to continue to improve and grow both personally and professionally. 

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