Step Challenge Team Captain Lowdown: Round 2



As a reminder, registration for the 3rd Annual Step Challenge, powered by Fitbit Health Solutions, at #SHRM18 is officially open! Yesterday, we gave you your first Team Captain lowdown, to help you select which team you would like to step with and learn more about the competition! Here is your second Team Captain lowdown. Choose your team wisely … !

Meet Megan, Cici, Steve and Meredith—a returning Step Challenge team captain, a veteran, a passionate HR professional who loves tie-dye, and a SHRM Advocacy and External Affairs staff member. All are excited to lead their Step Challenge teams to victory—may the best team win!

Megan Elder Leads Team First Step.

Megan is a returning Step Challenge team captain, a Facebook and social media guru, and is excited to motivate her team to the finish line!

Megan’s pitch to prospective teammates:

Team First Step is all about lifting each other up. About supporting each other on this journey. We’re not competing with each other, but with ourselves. Each day we step more, we gain more and grow more as a team.

Follow Megan on:

Twitter: @leadingedgehr


Instagram: leadingedgehr

Cici Clark leads the Combined Arms Veterans4HR.

Cici is an HR professional who is excited to connect with and meet other veterans participating in the Step Challenge.

Cici explains why she is pumped to be a Step Challenge team captain:

As a veteran and a SHRM member, it is time that we combine arms not just to show everyone that we can step it up but also that we want to support the cause. We want to help veterans get hired and join the workforce. We want to stop the unemployment and the underemployment of veterans. We can show them how easily we can do this! Let's do this!

Follow Cici on:

Twitter: @ceciliaclark923


Instagram: ceciliaclark923


Steve Browne leads the Break Tribe's Stride !!

Steve is an HR professional who is excited to motivate other members of his team who share his love of HR as well as his love of tie-dye.

Steve explains why he is pumped to be a Step Challenge team captain:

I'm not pumped, I'm GEEKED !! I can't wait to gather motivated HR pros to express their passion throughout SHRM18 and step to victory in support of the SHRM Foundation !!

Follow Steve on:

Twitter: @sbrownehr


Instagram: sbrownehr

Meredith Nethercutt leads the Marchers4HR team.

Meredith is a SHRM staff member with Advocacy and External Affairs who is excited to motivate and mobilize her team through the Step Challenge and advocacy engagement!

Why you should join Meredith’s team:

I’m honored and excited to be mobilizing HR leaders to put their feet to action by joining the Marchers4HR during Annual Conference! HR pros: Get ready to show the power of your steps (and your voices) as the HR Army descends on Chicago.

Follow Meredith on:

Twitter: @SHRMATeam

Instagram: @msnethercutt

Check back tomorrow for your next Team Captain lowdown!

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Check out this video with images from our previous step challenges:


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