Social Security and SHRM: A Partnership That Works


Everyone benefits when great organizations work together to maximize the services and information they provide. This has been the case since we partnered with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) to ensure all employees are well informed about the Social Security benefits and information available to them.

At Social Security, we believe preparation is key when it comes being ready for the future. Your employees work hard and make their contributions to the Social Security and Medicare funds. They should know all the options available to them, if and when, they’re no longer working. Educating the public about our services is part of our mission to secure today and tomorrow. We are the only agency that is with you throughout life’s journey, a responsibility we take to heart.

In the past year, we’ve shared information on a myriad of topics including:

  • Benefits for Women
  • Survivors Benefits
  • Retirement and Disability Benefits
  • What Same Sex Couples Need to Know
  • Family Benefits
  • FICA and your Social Security Statement; and
  • How Social Security protects your information.

We’ve shared how our benefits work with your employees. When you work and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, you earn Social Security credits. These credits count toward your retirement benefits and can qualify you and your family for disability, Medicare, and survivors insurance. We base your benefit payment on how much you earned during your working career.  Higher lifetime earnings result in higher benefits and the age at which you decide to retire also affects your benefits.

Because when you retire makes a difference, we want you to know about the free tools we provide that can help you make the best choice for you and your family. Our factsheet, When to Start Receiving Retirement Benefits, can help you make an informed decision. Our Retirement Planners  help you find your ideal retirement age, and estimate your life expectancy and the amount of your benefits when you retire. Your employees can see the financial effect of retiring at different ages, and how various earning amounts will affect future benefits.

A personal my Social Security account can also help your employees plan for the future. With a personal my Social Security account, you can instantly get your Social Security Statement to view estimates of your future retirement or disability benefits, and the amount your family may receive in survivors benefits. Your employees can check their earnings to verify the yearly amounts that we posted are correct. By going to, your employees can learn other benefits of having a my Social Security account.

We value our partnership with SHRM and look forward to sharing information that benefits your employees.

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