Social Media for HR and Recruiting

French novelist Alphonse Karr once wrote, “the more things change, the more things stay the same,” which might explain why this same phrase shows up in Zeppelin lyrics a century after Karr’s death.  
And nowhere is that more true than HR, which as a function seems often to be the business equivalent of the Amish – a quaintly anachronistic sect who shuns modern technology (with the possible exception of cute cat videos on YouTube, which, as we all know, really never gets old).
This is probably why we’re still talking about building a business case for social media use in HR and recruiting, or even talking about social media at all.  Because talking about social media is a little like talking about candidate experience; it’s a concept whose viability lies not in theory, but in practice.
And practice, as they say, makes perfect.  Which is why I’m so excited about this Wednesday’s #NextChat conversation about the challenges – and opportunities – social media represents for HR and talent management practitioners.
Prominent among these opportunities is the ability to interact with, and learn from, other HR and recruiting professionals who, like you, are probably sick of talking about social instead of actually being, you know, social – because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.
If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, grabbing a “seat at the table” is simple (for once); just follow the hashtag (or, as it used to be called, the “pound sign”) #NextChat on Twitter on Wednesday, 2/8 at 6 PM ET/3 PM PT.  Unsure of how to follow a hashtag?  No worries, we got your back (click here).
If you have participated in a Twitter chat before, and if you’re savvy enough to be reading this blog, chances are pretty good you have, then you’re probably thinking: “Great.  Another Twitter chat.”  Which, given their recent proliferation, is totally understandable.  
What makes #NextChat unique is the fact that it’s being organized, and sanctioned, by SHRM – an organization at the forefront of setting the direction, and agenda, of our profession.  
And while you don’t have to be a card-carrying member of SHRM to join the conversation, it’s a great chance to engage with, and learn from, the preeminent professional organization in the business of people – and the members who squarely ensconced at the forefront of the HR industry.
Because, after all, they know “what’s next.”  For HR and recruiting professionals, “what’s next” seems inexorably, and inevitably, intertwined with social media – only in this case, “next” is now.
To that end, here are the questions we’ll be discussing, along with some recommended reading to help inform, and inspire, Wednesday’s #nextchat conversation: “Recruiting for HR and Social Media.” 
  1. What are some of the biggest myths or misconceptions about social media among HR and recruiting professionals? - What HR Wants to Know About Social Media CAN Hurt Them by Jennifer McClure
  2. How does HR and recruiting fit in with the larger corporate social media picture? - Can You Hear Me Now?  The Impact of Social Media On Your Workforce by Ron Thomas
  3. Does employee social media use impact retention and engagement?  Why or why not? - Company Culture and Social Media by Matt Charney
  4. What advice do you have for HR and recruiting professionals just starting out on social?  Any lessons learned? - Social Recruiting: Three Lessons Learned From the Trenches by Kyle Lagunas
  5. How has social media impacted HR and recruiting today?  In the future? - SHRM Research Spotlight: Social Media In the Workplace by SHRM Research
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