Social HR Predictions for 2013

I know, I know – we’re all sick of hearing “HR should get on the Social Bandwagon,” but I thought since that’s my vein I should go ahead and offer my predictions on the subject.

So here are my thoughts in going into 2013, the year of The Jetsons.

  1. 20 percent more HR professionals will get on Twitter and interact with other professionals in the HR space.  I’ve connected with more new HR peeps (for lack of a better word) on Twitter in 2012 that are considered “newbie’s” and that’s a good thing. It has been a great year for collaborating on HR topics, Twitter chats and the like. Get on board!
  2. There will be a 5 percent increase of HR related blogs started. Here’s a great list of those who were recognized during 2012 for their hard earned work in creating and writing great content (yes, I’m on that list).
  3. 30 percent of HR folk will still not have a picture on their LinkedIn profile. That’s just the way it is. They’ll still be adhering to the illusion that they need to keep their profile “private” and not see the need to put a face with a name. What are ya gonna do?
  4. 5 percent of HR will see the value in using Google+. They’ll read more about how to use hangouts to collaborate with peers, hold global video meetings, and follow their favorite celebrities, and a few will incorporate these, perhaps into their sales departments.
  5. 25 percent will see the need for incorporating Social Technologies into the everyday workplace, but only a small percentage will adapt and lay aside their fears of allowing their employees online.

We’ve allowed the hype of the media to cause us to think we can keep from allowing our employees on Facebook or Twitter in hopes that they won’t share the real chaos in our workplaces. But times are a changing and the NLRB certainly has a few things to say about that.

Here’s a thought: if you’re concerned that your employees are going to spill the beans about how horrible you are as a boss, perhaps it’s time to rethink your leadership strategy. Perhaps this fear is more deeply-rooted and should be weighed.

In my humble opinion, and according to this recent report, Social isn’t going anywhere (except maybe Facebook for Business) and my prediction is that we’ll all start adapting and adjusting our workplaces to incorporate more social in the ways we connect, engage, collaborate, and train our employees. 

Especially, if we’re looking to remain “cutting edge” and attract the best talent.




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