So, What's on Offer at SHRM18 Exposition?


I had missed SHRM16 but had not missed blogging about why I thought large conclaves like the ones organized by SHRM are great social selling opportunities after reading about the power of social selling later that year.

SHRM18, too, has a carefully curated list of service providers who will be showcasing their wares at the Exposition, which will be open from 4 pm on June17th - immediately following the opening general session, which will be featuring Johnny C Taylor, Jr., the new CEO of SHRM, and Jeb Bush. There will be over 600 exhibitors and I have realized, with each of my 4 previous conferences, that there will be exciting stuff which will keep attendees glued to most exhibits. 

Here are some tips that I found useful as one attempts to traverse this maze-looking thingy that we can call the exhibition floor!

  1. Identify at least 25 exhibitors based on your current role or your company's immediate needs by speaking to your colleagues about the opportunity that you are heading to at SHRM18.
  2. Reach out to them via social media - looks like Instagram will be very popular this year. Twitter still remains a hit, as always. This will save time.
  3. Keep 30 minutes of your scheduled visit to the exhibition floor to roam around with a smile and prepare to greet curious exhibitors beyond the list you have made for yourself.
  4. Follow the social media feeds from fellow SHRM18 attendees via the SHRM mobile app - this will ensure that you will not miss any special updates and events that exhibitors would be planning at their stalls.

Here is a link to the Vendor list - to get you started with Step No. 1

You may even get to bump into me on the exhibition floor seeking to expand my connections via #shrm18Selfie, among other things I get to do as an official SHRM18 Blogger.



Originally published on Delving Deeper blog.

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