#SHRMYP Twitterchat: Professional Resolutions for the New Year

Please join the SHRM Young Professional Advisory Council (YPAC) for the monthly #SHRMYP Twitterchat at 12 p.m. CST on December 18.  The topic this month is “Professional Resolutions for the New Year.”  We are anticipating a great dialog based on the questions listed below.  Remember to follow @SHRMYP to view all questions and include #SHRMYP with your response tweets so they can be found in the dialog.  We look forward to you joining us!

Q1: As the year comes to a close, what is your greatest professional achievement? 

Q2: What is one thing you wished you did differently in your job or for your career in 2014?

Q3: What are your professional and career related goals for 2015?

Q4: How do you plan to build your professional network in 2015?

Q5: What type of professional growth opportunities do you seek out? Any events you are excited for in 2015? Please provide links to events!

Q6: Are there any books or research materials that you plan to utilize in your role next year? Please provide links to materials, if possible!


The SHRM YPAC would like to thank everyone for participating in the 2014 #SHRMYP Twitterchats.  If anyone has any ideas for 2015 chat topics or if they would like to volunteer to be the subject of a Twitterchat interview, please contact @CallieZipple directly via Twitter.    We look forward to another year of great dialog and YP engagement! 



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