#SHRMVOM Recap: Three Things SHRM Members Want


Organizations thrive on information. Whether they are looking to keep customers happy, engage employees or increase revenue, one of the most valuable sources of information is feedback from those an organization directly impacts. SHRM is no exception.

This is why SHRM hosted our Voice of the Member (#SHRMVOM) event last week. For two days, five SHRM members representing diverse locations, industries and backgrounds joined us at SHRM headquarters to share their thoughts and allow us to pick their brains. We wanted to know: How can we better serve our members? What additional information can we provide to help them succeed? Overall, how can we improve as their professional society?

There were many highlights from the event, but I found that what these members want from SHRM comes down to three things: community, connections and confidence.   

Community: The panel agreed that when they joined SHRM they were looking for a sense of HR community. They wanted a way to access critical information and best practices that they simply didn’t have the time or resources to pull together. For that same reason, most of the panelists are active participants in their local SHRM chapters or at the national level.  

Connections: Connection with other HR professionals was also a top priority. Our members wanted access to each other. They were looking for the ability to talk to other HR professionals who face many of the same challenges on a day-to-day basis. The network that they gained by joining SHRM afforded them the opportunity to use not only the Society but one another as a resource. They saw this as one of the benefits of attending SHRM conferences and participating in the online member communities.   

Confidence: In the end, our members were looking to SHRM to bolster their confidence by preparing them to deal with the many challenges they face within their organizations. They discussed their strong desire to serve employees while serving their companies as business leaders. Some found their confidence in the community and connection with other HR professionals. Others found it through their SHRM certification. While each story was different, the common theme was that SHRM was the impetus and a source of confidence for them to succeed professionally. 

SHRM aims to deliver in each of these areas. For example, to strengthen our online community and facilitate connections, we recently relaunched SHRM Connect, our online member community. To make it easier for our members to find the important information they need, this summer we will release a new and improved SHRM.org. For those HR professionals looking to develop themselves as business leaders, we provide the SHRM-SCP and SHRM-CP certifications. These are only some of the ways SHRM is working to provide the community, connections and confidence our members need to succeed.

You can be assured that at SHRM, we hear the voice of the member—your voice—loud and clear.    


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