#SHRM22: Wisdom of Many

SHRM22 is here in a few days; One of the key takeaways from attending conferences is networking with old friends, meeting new friends, and attending informative sessions to take back and apply at work. An essential part of the SHRM22 conference is the Exhibitor’s Hall, filled with service providers, products, and more to help manage the workforce better.

Why to visit Exhibitors Booth: Conferences are the best all-in-one, to explore all the vendors and learn about their offerings. Take back to the workplace and build a better business case that interests and utilizes their services. As part of the conference planning, I was scrolling the exhibitors, and People Intelligence Alliance (PIA) caught my attention. Unlike other vendors, PIA does not have products to sell. I contacted Lira Muoboghare, Sr.Program Manager, People Intelligence Alliance, and discussed PIA and its offerings.

What is PIA?

Lira Muoboghare: The People Intelligence Alliance is a community of data-driven people leaders that provide the support needed to steer the future of work towards openness, transparency, and collaboration. It’s a collaborative effort by 11 companies, academia, and vendors to identify and help solve workforce problems without any self-serving interest.

PIA doesn’t have a product to sell; what do you do at PIA?

Lira Muoboghare: PIA connects to like-minded practitioners for knowledge sharing, partnering, and collaboration to further the PIA mission. We connect PIA members to thought leadership from our PIA Council and alliance. We foster a community where members can be a part of addressing the biggest trends in the industry.

Can we call PIA a forum?

Lira Muoboghare: PIA is a council of thought leaders in HR and People Technology. They are committed to delivering innovation through openness and data connectivity, enabling leaders to connect to the wisdom of many.

I read about People Impact Gap. Can you expand on why it matters and PIA Council addresses this?

Lira Muoboghare: Sure, HR and business remain divided because of the unbridged space between the business outcomes leaders and executives care about most and the people and skills available to produce these results. PIA Council looks at three ways to address this issue:  harmonizing data, answering questions, and orchestrating actions.

“When building a bridge, you must start from both sides.”


Finally, can anyone join PIA?

Lira Muoboghare: Of course, all are welcome to join. Anyone with interest in solving workforce problems. The openness of the community thought leadership that happens in the community are the benefits of joining the community. We welcome all SHRM22 attendees to visit People Intelligence Alliance PIA booth to learn more about what we do.

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