#CauseTheEffect: Stay in Pursuit

 “Cause The Effect” is the campaign for the upcoming SHRM conference. It’s like purpose… many times we aren’t quite sure how or what to do to create impact, but when we focus on the pursuit, it will appear in many ways including inspiration.

 When I started my career helping companies relocate talent, I wasn’t sure what my “cause” was other than moving people’s stuff, or how I could effect change in my personal life or my career. I was just trying to make enough money to support my family. But I stayed in pursuit. I worked on the trucks as a young manger in training (including getting certified with my cdl) then moved my way around the organization as a dispatch supervisor, relocation coordinator, and operations leader. It was challenging and many long days. Later I was hired to be a general manager responsible for hiring training and motivating talent in the workplace. It was there I started realizing the impact people could make in the workplace. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting the support I needed to continue. But I stayed in pursuit. I then decided to make a leap of faith to make more impact and to have a more purposeful career. I took less pay and a role I hadn’t experienced – but it was where I truly found my way, my mission and purpose in the workplace. It was when I joined my company Armstrong Relocation as a sales and marketing leader. It was there I found ways to “cause the effect” like the first time I helped a man move his mom from assisted living and take the overwhelming stress off of him and his family, or the time I joined DallasHR and immersed myself in the HR community to understand more to share with others. We have so many opportunities to cause the effect, but it takes staying in pursuit.

 How can we stay in pursuit?

 1.       Listen - what are people talking about in our organizations?  Are they ideas, problems, or potential solutions? What’s the data telling us? This is a great place to start and drive conversations with others.

2.       Engage - When I was a young manager, I wanted to hear what the senior leaders had to say. Now that I am a senior leader, I want to hear what the young professionals have to say. Your voice matters and can cause the effect for movement or inspire change.

3.       Believe - The more I grow in my career, the more I understand the importance of belief. When we believe, I mean really believe, we can cause the effect in any role.  

In April 2022, I was selected to be a SHRM Influencer … It is quite an honor and exciting to cause the effect for the HR community. How can we cause the effect? Start with a smile… maybe even send someone a personal note… Listen, engage, and most importantly believe that if we stay in pursuit, we can drive our work, our careers, our organizations, and our life with more purpose in every role - and in our every day!

Quote of the Day: “Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.”  (Anonymous)

Call to Action:  Start making a list of the topics of conversation in the workplace. Share with others and stay in pursuit to cause the effect. Challenge, and be open to being challenged. It will help you grow, and everything around you will grow too.   

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