#SHRM22 Speaker Spotlight: Jennifer Lee

It was so great to catch up with Jennifer Lee and chat a bit about her upcoming session at #SHRM22: "Empathy Plus Accountability Equals A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Organization". This session caught my eye since we speak a great deal about Accountability in our workplaces in addition to Empathy in leadership as we strive to build positive, productive and healthy organizations. 

This session will be available both In-Person and to Virtual attendees on Sunday, 6/12 at 1:30 PM CDT

My interest is piqued and I wanted to ask Jennifer a bit more about her session:

Q1. Who should attend your session?

A1: This session is great for all HR professionals – no matter your level or focus area. You will gain tons of tangible tips and ideas for balancing empathy and accountability as well as the inspiration you need for creating this type of culture at your organization

Q2. Do People Managers have to make a choice between empathy and accountability? Is it one or the other?

A2: It’s all about the balance of both! To create high-performance teams, people managers and HR leaders need to have high empathy AND high accountability. For example, if you have high accountability and low empathy, then you likely have a very driven culture, but team members may get burned out easily with the lack of empathy. On the other hand, if you have high empathy and low accountability, you may have a fun place to work but you’re not hitting the organizational goals that you need to succeed. In this session, we will talk about “the dance” and how to strike the balance with both high empathy and high accountability. That’s when you are creating a high-achieving, best place to work!

Q3. Everyone's communication styles are different. Not just introvert vs. extrovert, but how we deliver and receive feedback. How can people managers communicate employee expectations and exceptions?

A3: One piece of advice that I will share is for people managers to “Check IN before checking ON”. Be sure to check IN with an employee and see how they are doing personally first. THEN you can check ON the status of the project. This is just one small way to build trust and strengthen the relationship while also supporting the work goal.

Q4. What is something you hope all attendees will learn in this session? (key takeaways)? 

A4: I hope you get inspired to lead in this ever-changing and increasingly stressful world! You will gain the tools to drive productivity AND support well-being. You will learn how to be present in a difficult conversation while sharing empathy and still empowering accountability. And you will learn how to instill this type of culture and approach at your organization. I think this is one of the most critical skills needed right now!

Q5. Is there anything you want attendees to know about you? What are you most looking forward to at SHRM22 this year?

A5: Not only am I training employees around the world on this topic, I find that I use this skill of balancing empathy and accountability with my three kids just about every day.

I am excited that our JB Training Solutions team will be presenting at SHRM and I am hoping I have time to grab beignets and chicory coffee at Café Du Monde while I am in New Orleans!


Jennifer Lee is an experienced keynote speaker, engaging educator, and talented facilitator for JB Training Solutions, a company dedicated to making work better for individuals. Jennifer has over 15 years of learning and development experience with a robust background in luxury hospitality. As the former L&D Director at the Waldorf Astoria and Learning Manager at The Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, Jennifer brings a rich perspective in leadership and communication skills. She was recognized by The New York Times for the training she developed to foster "intuitive service" in organizations and by Forbes for her expertise on executive presence. 

Mega Session Details: Empathy Plus Accountability Equals A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Organization

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