#SHRM22: Reveal the Human Truth with Visier

“The only way to make high-quality decisions is a people manager that sees not just what’s in front of you or what’s in your HRIS, but a deeper human truth about the person who potentially you’re trying to unlock.” – Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer, Vizier.

The pandemic and great resignation have increased the complexity of talent management multifold. Additionally, the nature of work – the remote, hybrid, and WFA has made augmenting and managing employee engagement even more critical. Organizations compete to acquire and retain talent; people analytics is a crucial tool to help the organization meet those goals. People analytics is no longer a nice to have in the HRIS to make charts but a must-have tool to make informed business decisions in the talent war. According to a Gallup poll, “48% of employees are actively considering changing jobs”, and 4.53 million people quit in March 2022, according to the U.S Department of Labor report.

How People Analytics works: People analytics combines technology, statistics, and human expertise to analyze employees/ people to uncover hidden risks and opportunities and take actionable insights. 

What People Analytics can show: As simple as why employees leave the organization, what is the employee burn-out rate to ensure productivity and engagement. As part of the DEI initiative, analyze how many women are promoted to senior leadership roles compared to men to ensure diversity. Advanced analytics like predictive analytics can predict the percentage of people likely to quit soon to design interventions to stem the exit. Productivity is critical for every organization; people analytics helps track the percentage level of productivity. The pandemic is brutal on everyone, particularly for the managers; people analytics can measure how difficult a manager’s role has become the post-pandemic. The application areas of people analytics are broad and deep. There are many providers, and most of the HR systems come with robust analytics tools, reports, etc.,

People analytics platforms like Visier, the undisputed leader in the people analytics arena, are featured sponsors at the SHRM22 conference. I had a chance to speak with Thera Marten – Vice President  Partner and Embedded Marketing.

What is unique about Visier?

Thera Martin: Visier is a global leader in people analytics and a problem-solving  platform for the organizations

What is Visier’s vision?

Thera Martin:  Behind every brand is a human truth. Visier reveals the fundament questions and actionable facts capable of elevating employees and businesses to new heights.

What can SHRM22 attendees learn by visiting the Visier booth?

Thera Martin: Attendees can learn about the platform and the robust offerings in the solutions for a wide range of workforce needs; in essence, they learn about visier’s tools to reveal the human truth

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