#SHRM21 Interview with Elements Global Services

If someone asked you, “who is Elements Global Services” what is your 30-second elevator speech response?

Elements Global Services is an HR tech company that’s disrupting the industry and changing how businesses become global. Elements compliantly enable any company to hire, manage and pay employees in over 135 countries worldwide, without the cost and long-term commitment of traditional methods. Facilitating both short- and long-term projects by leveraging a network of Elements-owned entities, its proprietary technology, and both local and regional expertise. Elements ensures that employees are compliant and cared for, wherever they are.

What is Elements Global Services bringing to the HR industry?

While we bring a lot to the table, it is Elements’ agility through directness that is the biggest game-changer. In an industry responsible for compliance, salaries, taxes and even benefits such as healthcare – speed must be a priority.

For example, if an employee has a problem with their salary or is ill and is struggling to gain access to healthcare benefits, they can’t wait for one company to relay messages across 3rd parties and time zones before help is given. They need swift responses from those that can help, and this is where Elements is different.

Elements change the game by creating the first fully 100% direct Employer of Record service. Elements’ EOR delivers this with its own network of entities and expertise to ensure that both the company and employees have the help they need, without unnecessary delays. No third parties, just direct support from those who can help.

What sets Elements Global Services apart from its competitors?

Elements is ripping up the rule book and delivering on the big ideas that address the gaps and challenges companies with global HR requirements face.

For example, Elements understands the disappointment and frustration that companies feel with the inevitable delays that come with working with an EOR that uses 3rd parties to bolster its global footprint – so, Elements created the world’s first 100% Direct EOR. 

Elements saw the pain points that accompany complex global payroll, and how it can lengthen and even delay payroll approval – so, Elements created ApprovPay. ApprovPay is an online service portal, designed specifically to simplify the processes associated with global payroll.

Elements also anticipated the need to have local and global HR intelligence at your fingertips – so, Elements created Expandopedia.

It is this forward-thinking that has led Elements to anticipate the needs of businesses tomorrow and to deliver solutions that simplify global HR through technology today.


What are some things that SHRM attendees can look forward to while visiting Booth #18053?

Elements is excited to attend the SHRM 2021 Annual Conference and Expo and have prepared a whole host of great things to demo and discuss! From our proprietary technologies – ApprovPay and Expandopedia to our team of in-house experts that cover Employer of Record, Business Process Outsourcing and Administration Services Outsourcing across short- and long-term global assignments, government services/bids for tender, mergers & acquisitions, our white label projects, and even entity creation. Elements have specialists ready to discuss your global HR requirements.

Elements is ready for SHRM to go with a bang!

Where can we find Elements to learn more post-conference?

Our website, elementsgs.com provides some great information on the range of services available and countries covered and is also the fastest way to get in touch. If you have an urgent requirement, just let us know either via our website or at inquiries@elementsgs.com, and you will receive a prompt response.

Global Expansion

What are the common misconceptions of global expansion?

There are many misconceptions, but the most common is that people think that you need a huge investment in time and money to expand their businesses, which means that many companies have either delayed working in new regions or commit to them before they are ready.

Thankfully those days are over, and with a Direct Employer of Record, such as Elements, even tiny start-ups can make a global impact without a huge cost or commitment. This model works across all industries and is even great for companies that are bidding on projects in other countries, as they won’t need to invest in infrastructure to win a bid, enabling companies to bid and win on more projects than ever before.

What are some of the biggest challenges that companies often face when embarking on global expansion?

The challenges of employing in new regions are threefold – Infrastructure, talent, and compliance.

How is Elements helping to overcome these challenges?

The infrastructure necessary to compliantly hire, manage and pay employees in more than one country oftentimes requires a large investment to set up. It can be difficult for companies to justify this cost in time and money as there is no real way of knowing if it will be a successful endeavor. Elements provides a one-stop for any infrastructure needs, simplifying global expansion and making it accessible to companies of any size.

Talent can be difficult to find for specialisms but opening the role up to a whole world of potential candidates ensures that the talent pool is the widest possible and enhances the likelihood of finding the perfect match for a company’s needs. Elements helps companies to hire talent almost anywhere in the world, breaking down borders and heightening chances of finding the right fit for your team, project, and budget!

Compliance is considered the toughest of all three challenges; ensuring that your company and employees are all adhering to the very latest in local labor and tax laws. In fact, it can be a nightmare for any HR department – even those with global experience. Elements ensures their partners' compliance for them because as a Direct Employer of Record they take on all the risk involved, allowing a company to focus their energies into managing their new region.

What advice would you give to companies looking to expand worldwide?

Consider the local requirements of the countries you want to expand into. The more you understand a country, its local requirements, and customs, the more likely you are to succeed in the region.


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