#SHRM21 Interview with Claire Petrie

I was so happy to be able to catch up with Claire Petrie and chat about the upcoming SHRM21 and what she has planned for the #SHRM21 annual conference. Claire and I first met on Twitter via #NextChat and #HRSocialHour and met for the first time in real life on the #SHRMBlogger team at #SHRM18. She has a passion for helping emerging HR professionals develop their personal brand and make the most of their conference experience and her enthusiasm for helping others is contagious! 

Claire is hosting #SHRM21 conference orientation for first-time attendees on Thursday, Sept 9 at 11:00 a.m. PT - this is a MUST for any first-time attendees to a SHRM Annual Conference and Expo. During orientation, Claire will be covering how to make the most out of networking during the conference and making connections for today and beyond!

Mary:  Tell me a little bit about yourself... What would you like #SHRM21 attendees to know about you?

Claire: Thank you, Mary! I hail from Buffalo, NY, and am an HR practitioner at Lighthouse Technology Services. I also have my own business – Claire Petrie HR & Training LLC – that I run evenings and weekends. I’ve used LinkedIn, Twitter, and networking to build my personal brand and uncover new opportunities for myself since 2017. I love helping other professionals do the same! I’ve been working in the HR field since 2012 and love to help other young/emerging professionals enter the field confidently and network. I have an emerging professional toolkit on my website here  https://clairepetriehr.com/services/emerging-young-professional-toolkit/ 

Mary: I see you have several things planned, one is a panel - "What I wish I knew" - who should attend this session? Is it only for new HR professionals or students?


Claire: I am so excited to speak in this panel with my fellow SHRM YPAC (young professional advisory council) members! This session is part of the Student track, so it will be geared towards SHRM student members. However, anyone who identifies as a young or emerging HR professional is welcome to attend. The 5 of us will share our personal career journeys and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Attendees can leverage our professional experiences to learn how to jump-start their HR careers! After the session, the YPAC will be walking over to the expo hall together and anyone who attends the session is welcome to walk over with us!

"Claire is Everywhere," Make sure to check out this panel for Emerging HR Professionals:  

What I Wish I Knew – Emerging Professional Insights

In-Person and Virtual Thursday 09/09/2021 3:45 p.m. PT - 4:45 p.m. PT 

Track: Student Track

Mary: Your passion for helping others is EVIDENT! Can you tell me a bit about your session on Developing a Personal Brand? Who should attend? What should they expect? 

Claire: Ah thank you! Quick back story – I started in the HR field in 2012 and didn’t get active with networking (online or in-person) or using social media until 2017. My career skyrocketed after I started “showing up” online and in my community, and showcasing my personality and voice! I’ve learned so much through trial and error since 2017 and love to share my journey with others. Developing a personal brand is also on the Student track for the conference, and will share why building and showcasing your brand as a student now is important for your future career! I wish I had gotten started earlier, and can’t imagine where I would be now! I truly believe those HR students who leverage social media professionally and networking now will unlock more opportunities (job/volunteer/learning, etc) and connections sooner that will help them get ahead! Attendees can expect to learn how to showcase their brand online and connect/post/engage intentionally.

Claire Petrie, MBA, SHRM-CP is currently the Director of Technology Talent Management at Lighthouse Technology Services and President & CEO of Claire Petrie HR & Training LLC. She’s been in HR and recruiting for over eight years and loves to help people with successful job search and career advancement strategies! She has used LinkedIn and Twitter to build her personal brand and uncover new opportunities for herself and the companies she’s worked for and she’s passionate about helping others do the same! She is currently on the board of the Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association, a member of SHRM’s young professional advisory council, and is a camp counselor and board member for Empower Camp. Connect with Claire on her website. connect with her on Twitter and follow the hashtag #ClaireShares.  


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