#SHRM19 Vendor Spotlight: Learn@Forbes


I remember walking into the large Exposition Hall during the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference and seeing several people swarming around vendors. It looked overwhelming at first, but after a couple of visits, I truly explored what the SHRM Exposition Hall had to offer. While there, I had the opportunity to learn about new products and services, gain new contacts, and get lots of promotional gifts. Oh, I loved the giveaways!

This year, I’ll be attending the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition (#SHRM19) as a #SHRM19 Blogger. In conference-related content, bloggers can feature speakers and vendors so that attendees can know what to expect. Since I have never featured a vendor in my previous blog posts, I decided to try one out. So when I received the list of vendors for this year’s conference, I looked for relatively new companies. Voila, I found Learn @ Forbes!

My initial thought was: This is new! What is Learn @ Forbes?

A quick Google search answered that question, but I wanted an insider’s perspective. So I reached out to the contact person—David Nahin, Vice President, Enterprise Content and Sales at Learn @ Forbes—and indicated my interest in knowing more about Learn @ Forbes. Mr. Nahin was gracious in responding to me and obliging my request.

Check out our questions and answers below:

Please tell me about Learn @ Forbes. When and why was Learn @ Forbes launched?

In June 2018, Forbes launched its e-learning platform called Learn @ Forbes. Learn @ Forbes is a time-saving alternative to traditional online schools and offers top courses for today’s demanding career fields and disciplines. We currently offer over 400 curated, self-paced courses for aspiring professionals concentrated in Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing, IT, Cybersecurity, Software among many other categories.

Research has shown that by 2020, there will be a shortage of five million workers with postsecondary education and training. Learn @ Forbes was started to help professionals gain the knowledge to pursue these jobs or advance in their current ones and designed to fit into the busy lives of working adults.

What makes Learn @ Forbes stand out from other e-learning platforms? What are the benefits of learning through Learn @ Forbes?

We make online learning accessible so that professionals can take any course they want at any time they need it, whether they are preparing for their next promotion or just polishing their skills for an upcoming project. Unlike other e-learning providers, Learn @ Forbes does not aim to overwhelm users with content choices. Instead, we pride ourselves with limited high-quality content that is curated to be the best and most relevant for our learners. Our approach is to provide a basic set of foundational courses that would be relevant for all, and then build custom learning and development plans for enterprises based on their employees’ learning and development needs. In addition to providing world-class content, we offer a fully portable and verifiable digital certificate that can be shared on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Which courses are available to HR professionals through Learn @ Forbes?

We have a carefully curated list of courses in HR Leadership, HR Management, Workplace Conflict, Talent Management among several others on our website.

During #SHRM19, there will be many attendees visiting the Exposition Hall. What can attendees expect when they visit your booth?

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about our differentiated approach towards learning and development, experience a live demonstration of our products and services, and meet with our executives.

Everyone who visits will be allowed to register at our booth and receive a FREE 30-day subscription to Learn @ Forbes for themselves and all their employees! We will also have some cool raffle prizes!

#SHRM19 will be the first SHRM conference for Learn @ Forbes. What do you hope to experience at #SHRM19?

We hope to network with human resource industry professionals, learn about sought-after skills in the world of professional learning and development (both from content and delivery methods perspective), and share our approach and product offerings with the attendees.

#SHRM19 attendees can find Learn@Forbes in the SHRM Exposition Hall at Booth 1346. There, you will meet the executives of Learn @ Forbes, ask as many questions as you want, and register to access the e-learning platform. Learn @ Forbes offers an opportunity for continuous learning that you don’t want to miss!



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