#SHRM19 Interview with Kantola Training Solutions



With the plethora of required learnings that companies much manage, finding a partner to handle equitable distribution and ease of accountability can be a challenge. Kantola Training Solutions knows it has a platform to help organizations of various sizes and geographies.

Sarah Rowell, CEO, is convinced that the platform brings compliance and soft skills training together in a way that an HR professional can quickly navigate and put into action.

Kantola has dozens of federal, state and locally specific interactive videos, handling areas of compliant training such as anti- harassment and anti-discrimination. The platform makes it easy to assign and certify completion per employee. And further, there are specific options for those in managerial or supervisory roles.  The more responsibility, the more information that an employee should be taught. Kantola can handle the distribution of such knowledge through its video learning platform.

To date, almost 15,000 organizations have adopted Kantola into its training curriculum. These organizations rely on the flexibility of the platform and its ability to be implemented for large offices down those working from home. And further, the support of their partner, Littler-Mendelson, ensure that the most up-to-date legal information is included in the information and presentation of material. 

Kantola Training Solutions will be on hand in the Expo Hall at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition at Booth #1720 -- Stop by!



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