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This 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition interview is with Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions, or Atlas IPS. Below is a quick Q&A with the company.

Who is Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions?! Tell us everything, just as you would someone approaching your booth and asking you this question at SHRM ‘19 in Las Vegas.

Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions (Atlas IPS) was formed in 2002 and is a leading provider of software and services to help employers reduce and avoid the spiraling costs of work-related injuries.  Uniquely Atlas offers services typically provided by both ergonomics and medical service providers, with the belief that the best solution needs to consider the options offered by both professions as well as the distinct needs of the client.  With that belief in mind, Atlas offers physical demands analysis; post-offer pre-employment and return-to-work physical function screens; stretching programs; ergonomics program design, software, training, and assessment; 24/7 telephonic nurse triage; on-site and at-clinic early intervention; onsite physical therapy, and wellness services.

Atlas provides services through a combination of employees and the largest network of service professionals available, with the ability to support over 15,000 U.S. cities and towns within a 30-minute one-way drive.  With their service structure Atlas can support clients both big and small, with engagements ranging from a single office ergonomics assessment to providing full-time physical therapists at multiple sites across the country.  Atlas can support any work environment but has extensive experience within manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, distribution, offices, healthcare, and construction.

What are the biggest challenges companies face in regards to keeping the workplace safe? How do they overcome those challenges?

Statistics tell us that serious workplace injuries are far too common. Companies understand they need to keep employees safe, and some have taken steps to ensure employee safety. However, many companies have not worked towards building a culture of safety or are unsure of where to start. This uncertainty leads to misuse of safety programs or worse, not doing anything.

Since our inception Atlas has built a reputation of giving clients options.  Injury prevention solutions come in all shapes and sizes. They depend on numerous factors, including the characteristics of the injuries, the type of work, the work environment, the number and distribution of employees, budgets, and most important–the client’s goals.

With this in mind, our success comes by providing clients with the broadest suite of injury prevention options and being able to discuss the costs and benefits of various solutions that best fit their needs.  Our staff is comprised of ergonomists, physical therapists, wellness coaches, and the largest nationwide network of highly qualified service professionals. No matter where a business is located in the United States, Atlas can provide a customized solution set that matches the client’s goals.

What do you wish more HR professionals and recruiters knew about the costs associated with work-related injuries?

The cost of an injured worker extends far beyond the medical cost, lost wages, and higher insurance premiums.  In fact, the indirect costs can be staggering. Lost production, quality errors, replacing and training employees, administrative cost, and lower morale are just some of the associated impacts of an injury.  Liberty Mutual estimates the indirect costs of an injury are two to five times the direct cost.

What role does a safe workplace play in employee satisfaction and retention?
In today’s business environment where good employees are hard to find, this question is more important than ever.  In short, employees quit for a variety of reasons, but an unsafe working environment is one of the leading causes. Employees need to feel like they are important and cared for or they will likely find another employer who will.

For anyone who won’t be able to make it to the Atlas booth in Las Vegas, what do you want them to know?

Injury prevention solutions come in all shapes and sizes. They depend on numerous factors, including the characteristics of the injuries, the type of work, the work environment, the number and distribution of employees, budgets, and most importantly—the client’s goals.  Atlas has redefined the industry with the most comprehensive blend of services, technology, and training available. We make it easy for clients to explore their options and implement a program that is right for them. Whether in Albany or Albuquerque, we are close enough to help you support your most important asset—your people.

Atlas Booth #1465

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