A #SHRM19 Interview with Paylocity


As a Paylocity user myself, it was an easy decision to select Paylocity as a vendor that I wanted to highlight prior to #SHRM19. Please enjoy this 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition interview with Alexis Knaack, Event Specialist, for Paylocity.

Who is Paylocity? Tell us everything, just as you would someone approaching your booth and asking you this question at #SHRM19 in Las Vegas.

Paylocity is a payroll and human capital management software company focused on delivering innovative product solutions and unbeatable service for our clients while continuing to revolutionize the industry. Founded in 1997, we were the first cloud-based payroll company and disrupted the industry by leveraging new, creative technology. Our mission to elevate payroll and HR is at the heart of everything we do. We also see our clients as co-creators, and partner with them to ensure our products work easier, drive culture and performance, and increase effectiveness. It’s truly a collaborative effort.

What sets Paylocity apart from other payroll vendors in the country?

Often with other companies, customers have to make compromises — they have to choose between robust technology with lackluster service, or mediocre technology with personalized service. At Paylocity, our customers never have to compromise. Our technology is second to none. We invest 13 – 15 percent of our revenue back into our technology and stay ahead of industry trends. Our product is a homegrown, single-database platform, built to meet our customers’ needs. We regularly add new functionalities to make our product robust and allow customers to add on third party software for things like insurance.

And our service and support is unlike any other. Most companies use the call center model that can be difficult to reach, or they have a dedicated contact, but the contact lacks experiences. Not only do we provide our clients with a dedicated account manager they can contact any time, but that person is also backed by an experienced team to provide support. That has helped us maintain an industry-leading 97 percent client retention rate and win multiple awards and recognition, most recently ranking #1 in customer satisfaction on 13 HCM software-focused reports by G2 Crowd.

We are also a company of today and tomorrow. That means we offer the products our clients need, but also deliver solutions that address their emerging needs. One other thing that makes us truly different — we’re users of our own product. Our own employees use Paylocity, and are often the first testers of new enhancements and functionalities so we can get immediate feedback and make adjustments before full rollouts. And our tools help drive and support our great culture, which is what we are trying to help our clients do!

Let’s talk more about the products available to Paylocity users, such as payroll, onboarding, benefits, and more. 

Our Payroll software helps companies process payroll accurately and efficiently, manage expenses and reimbursement, maintain compliance forms, authorizations, and verifications, and file taxes with ease. Our Time & Labor platform is easy to use by both supervisors and employees, eliminates manual entry, and makes time and attendance a breeze. Supervisors can accurately track accruals, create and adjust schedules and hours, and run reports; and employees can use our mobile app to punch in and out within location parameters, and request time off at their convenience. With our HR software, you can monitor key metrics and trends through our reporting and analytics, engage new hires with our robust Onboarding, and combat daily HR complexities using our HR Edge assistance tool. Our Benefits Administration really helps simplify the open enrollment process and beyond. You can manage and enroll in benefit elections easily and efficiently, no matter the size of your workforce. And we even simplify the world of flexible benefit programs, all in one centralized portal.

One of the areas we’ve recently expanded on is our Talent Management tools. We can help HR departments manage the recruiting process from start to hire; track employee performance and goals; ensure fair, competitive pay; educate and develop employees with custom training courses; encourage two-way communication with Surveys and social collaboration; and use peer recognition to acknowledge a job well done. With a focus on engagement and culture on the rise in the HR industry, we’ve made sure to provide the tools to enable our clients to support the ever-changing needs of the employee.

To get an even more in-depth look, check out the Product Tour page on our website.

What fun swag and activities will you have available at the Paylocity booth this year?

Since Paylocity is a payroll and HCM technology company with a unique ability to create an oasis for employees, it’s only fitting that our booth embodies the oasis in the Las Vegas desert! All expo attendees can relax in booth #2434 while grabbing lip balm, sunscreen or a nap set.

New this year for attendees: Plan ahead, avoid the crowds, and work around your schedule. Set up an appointment to meet with our team of Account Executives, Solutions Consultants and Client Service reps on the show floor for a casual chat, group demo, or a one-on-one deep dive product demonstration. If they schedule a time to meet with one of our Solutions Consultants for a short software demo, they will have their choice of a t-shirt or water bottle.

What do you wish more HR professionals knew about the Paylocity user experience?

Our goal is to ensure Paylocity is customized to our clients’ needs. From the beginning of our clients’ journey, we work together to set up a system that helps automate processes and make their work more efficient. Even after they begin using the system, we check in to make sure everything is working the way they want it to, and even enable new features if they have a new want or need. That’s the beauty of Paylocity — we’re here to make their lives easier and to fit their needs.

Where can we find you to learn more?

Check out our website at Paylocity.com where you can get an overview of our product suite and learn more about our culture. We’re also very active on our social channels: @Paylocity.

Attending #SHRM19? Make sure to stop by booth #2434 to learn more about Paylocity.



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