#SHRM18 Vendor Spotlight: LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership with Ann Tardy


Designing, planning and executing a conference the size and magnitude of the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo is no small task! There are a myriad of details to consider including sourcing the right vendors for the event! SHRM’s expo hall is unlike most conference expo halls. Imagine rows and rows of vendors, large corner booths, product demonstrations, endless conference swag and much fun to be had!

As part of my pre-conference #SHRM18 blog series, I had a an opportunity to speak with with Ann Tardy JD, CSP, the founder and Chief People Officer, LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership, a conference vendor to learn more about her and her organization.

Ann started her professional career as a corporate attorney working in Silicon Valley and soon realized that how little of an impact she was able to make in the are of leadership and wanted to do more for the companies as she’s witness companies do well and not so well based on leadership. She wanted to help CEO’s with their leadership, more importantly than broad leadership, she wanted to circulate wisdom build the next generation as leaders.

As a result of her desire to have a greater impact on business success and cultivate leaders, LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership was born. Ann started the company, created the technology to allow a company to sustain and scale the concept of developing leaders through mentoring. Ann referred to LifeMoxie as “match for mentoring”. Through her experience, research and observation, she quickly realized that the large 3-ring binder style of learning was not the way to go. This traditional style of learning and mentoring continued the silos of people only working with those right in from of them in the office vs. creating a culture to operate cross-functionally across the organization in different time zones.

The LifeMoxie platform, founded by Ann, who also speaks and writes, is a customizable platform where no two programs are the same. Each client has different needs which LifeMoxie can create a strategic solution by first providing the implementation (actually doing it – recruiting, guiding their clients, and doing it for organizations), providing materials for the mentor, mentee & manger and conducting the training and implementing the technology.

Ann couldn’t pick just one favorite about working at LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership. She shared that she appreciates the longevity of her team and how they all act as they founder the organization, incorporating an element of ownership and valuing partnership! Ann also shared that the way she teaches and strategizes mentoring, people see it at organization solution, a way to solve problems and not just something fun that HR does. The LifeMoxie platform is an integral factor to the strategy of an organization, serving as a solution for an organization trying to meet their challenges in recruiting, development, customer service issues, etc.. Ann is proud that the LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership resources and technology is a valuable solution to an organization, helping people see mentoring differently.

In speaking with Ann, she was very gracious to share an important success story about how LifeMoxie helped an organization over come their challenge with a group managers with low performance scores year after year. She further explained that this large healthcare company had come to the conclusion that they either needed to fix or fire several low scoring managers and they asked Ann & LifeMoxie to help them fix the problem. LifeMoxie started out by having the high scoring managers mentor the low scoring managers, and then score them again. Eventually, the low scoring managers became high scoring managers and were not fired. Ann was proud to report that those same “low scoring” managers were now able to mentor others, which ultimately contributed to success of the organization. The ripple effect is not just the mangers improved but also the people who for them. This success story proves that the tools and resources of LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership can help solve the problem and appreciates that the organization saw mentoring as a valuable solution to overcome their hurdles.

Ann and her team at LifeMoxie are excited to take part in this epic conference and encourages attendees to visit their booth in the expo call. She explains that while they have fun swag, they also offer a very robust platform to support their mentoring & leadership needs with the possibility easing administrative burden around the concept of mentoring. This is not Ann’s & LifeMoxie’s first time attending the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo and is looking forward to hanging out with her team, getting out there and talking to people and getting people’s input, hearing challenges, its very fun for her to meet with conference attendees. Ann appreciates the diversity of the attendees that visit their exhibit booth, she believes that with the vendor options available, people who need to meet us find us, not everyone does [need them], it’s a great opportunity to get the solutions you need at such a big expo.
As an HR Consultant, volunteer leader for a SHRM Affiliate Chapter, and a mentor, LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership’s mission resonated with me personally and the work that I do as an internal and external mentor. I’m excited to visit Ann and her team during the conference and I encourage attendees to do the same! See you at their booth!

Learn more about LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership and all they have to offer your organization!


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