#SHRM18 Here We Come!


Blogging has always had my curiosity and I’ve wanted to get started for a while. Until I had met @HRJazzy while attending #SHRM17, it was only a fantasy, a dream, an idea. Well that dream came true with the help of fellow #SHRM18Blogger, Jazmine Wilkes.

This is only one little gem that has come out of attending the nation’s largest HR conference, better known as the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. Before, during and after attending last year’s conference expanded my world in ways I never thought possible, which is what makes attending this year and being a part of the blog squad so much more of a meaningful experience for me. You see, before the conference, my network of HR & talent acquisition pros was regionalized to South Florida or the state at best. While there are resources, tools, seminars and other conferences everywhere, nothing quite compares to the experience of attending the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. The amount of learning, the connections made and the resources available are enough to keep you busy for a month, if not longer!

Fast forward to Feb. 12, 2018, the announcement was made and I was on the list for the #SHRM18 Blogging team. Check out the EPIC list of talented bloggers, click here. Words could not express my excitement! Having attended the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition only one other time before, being invited to comment, share and blog about this event is an honor! Thank you Mary & SHRM!

During my first attendance, I was able to connect, network and share with some many amazing #HR professionals that lead to nurturing true friendships and mentoring! I met fellow bloggers, Jazmine WilkesTamara Rasberry and Christopher Orozzco & Dan Cross all pretty much by chance. And for the ones I didn’t meet, we missed each other by mere moments such as Kelly Marinelli, Keith Enochs and so many more!

The world of human resources has undoubtedly changed immensely over the decades, years, weeks, and sometimes daily! Staying up to date and informed is tougher today than it was yesterday and the day before that but that’s where we come in! The team of #SHRM18Bloggers was specially curated by none other than Mary Kaylor, to help both attendees and onlookers obtain knowledge and connect with us and the conference on an unprecedented level!

Attending the 2018 conference is so much more than just a learning experience for me, it has become a family of HR pros supporting one another’s voice, spoken word and aspirations! Many of us have taken steps towards are dreams and even conquered our fears such as video recordings of oneself. We’ve supported each other by listening to new podcast ventures (#HRSocialHour Half Hour Podcast) and reading new books like Kelly Marinelli’s new book: Driving Great Hires and Steve Browne’s HR On Purpose! Things could not be better!

The opportunity to blog about this esteemed conference it isn’t just about learning from speakers and presenters for me, it’s about having intentional dialog with seasoned HR pros and bloggers, this is about learning from newbies such as myself, this is about being humble and sharing experiences in the most purest form…from my own eyes! This is an opportunity for growth, leadership development and the nurturing of true connections!

Connect us on this epic journey to Expand Your World! Hope to see you there!


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