SHRM18: Four Speakers #HR Can’t Miss If You Care About Re-Skilling Yourself



Executives - I’m looking especially at you.  You nerds. 

If you know me, You know I’ve had the pleasure of attending a lot of conferences.  I speak at them, cover them and learn from them.  I’m a nerd.  In that light, I am beating the drum loudly to leaders and HR pros -- especially corporate executives, that you better “start re-skilling”.  For some reason, executives, and I’ve been one so I know what I’m talking about, seem to sense they don’t need development.  Or if they do, they just don’t have the time. 

To that I say bullshit. 

Now that both the workforce and organizational design has changed, it’s time to sharpen that proverbial saw and start to “re-skill”.  So, guess what? Because I heart you, the least I can do after attending a jillion conferences is share the love.  Here are four speakers I think you need to see at the upcoming #SHRM18 National Conference in Chicago, June 17 - 20th.  

Cy Wakeman 

How HR Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results

Cy Wakeman is my people.  She’s energetic, funny, and smart.  She is a psychologist and an HR veteran. She’s written a great book called No Ego. And since boring sessions go over like the last episode of the Soprano’s with me, she’s got the presentation goods. She will grab your attention (hard to do at a 17,000 person conference) and have you for the whole session.  The main reason you should attend her session?  She has researched and understands the fine line between engaging employees and holding them accountable. She has figured out the secret sauce leaders need to to be successful with the i-generation.  Also, she gets that drama and ego don’t really play in the sandbox well within healthy organizations.  Since drama seems to be a lot of fun for many at work - check her out.

Tim Sackett.

What Your CEO Wishes HR and TA Would Start Doing!

My brother from another mother, Tim Sackett, is a must see.  As Snoop Dog would say, he’s the “shiz-nit” (aka an expert) on talent acquisition.  He too has a fab book called The Talent Fix. I’ve written with Tim at FOT and I’ve facilitated webinars and podcasts with him, so this is a fellow I clearly believe in. I’ve seen him speak many times on many TA topics.  Biased? Maybe. But he really knows what he is talking about (just google him).  He’s passionate about TA, brings the funny and wears a bowtie.  What’s not to love. 

David Rock

The Neuroscience of Engagement: The Deeper Science of Learning, Change, and Peak Performance

Yep, he’s a neuroscientist, but don’t let that scare you.  HR pros, this should absolutely enthrall you.  If you want to effectively lead modern workers, you need to get into their heads (not in a creepy way).  When I saw him speak, his focus was on the insanity of “corporate feedback”.  His research shows that feedback methods aren’t in need of some change but incremental change.  He too is engaging, funny, entertaining and has the research to back the claims.  Check out this book Your Brain At Work.

Jamie Notter 

Using Culture Data to Solve Business Problems

I’m a advocate, speaker and evangelist of corporate culture strategies, so I’m a fan of Jamie.  He wrote a few cool books: one called Humanize, the other When Millennials Take Over. I;ve had the pleasure of working with his company at my last corporate executive gig so can speak on his expertise from personal experience. Again, here’s another pro with the research to back the squishy that can be “culture”.  His background is in conflict resolution (score!) and corporate culture studies. He’ll also let you know the real deal about how effective the values poster on you wall really is. I’ll give you one guess what he’ll say about that.

So there you go.  There are many others you should see.  I’ll likely do a follow up with a few more.  In the meantime, have a great conference!  I’ll see you there. 





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