#SHRM18 Experience, So Far…(PART 1)


I have attended numerous conferences in the past, but nothing is like SHRM18.  Last year, I attended the SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference in San Francisco and that was an amazing experience.  Well, SHRM18 my friends is awesome, but I’ll admit can be overwhelming (in a good way, of course).  There are roughly 20,000 people in Chicago for the SHRM Annual Conference that have traveled far and wide (South Africa, Australia, India, etc.) - WOW!!!!

This has truly been a wonderful experience. I want to take this opportunity to thank SHRM, Mary Kaylor and Andrew Read Morton for inviting me to join the #SHRM18Blogger team.  I must also thank the Garden State Council – SHRM (GSC-SHRM) & Industrial U.I. Services for all of their support.  Last but not least, I want to thank my husband, Vincent for all of his support so I can grow professionally.

Moving on…the following are the events and sessions that I attended on Sunday June 17 and Monday June 18.

Sunday, June 17

The CHRO Perspective: How the Best Make it Happen! Paula Harvey and I will be writing about this session as a post-conference blog.  Be on the lookout after the conference!

Keynote Speakers for Sunday: Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. (President & CEO, SHRM) & Former Governor Jeb Bush.  Mr. Taylor, JR provided a foundation as to what we, as SHRM members, should expect the upcoming year.  He gave an awesome, truthful, realistic, and motivating speech.  The SHRM President & CEO indicated that if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small and provided three transformational/leadership key HR areas; an inclusive culture, workforce readiness and elevating the HR profession. 

Governor Jeb Bush provided an effective keynote with realistic and practical ideas.  Politics is extremely divisive and personal, and therefore, HR does need a voice when political decision can have an impact towards the workforce. 

Monday, June 18

Developing Strategies for Managing Cognitive and Implicit Biases with Paul Meshanko, CEO, Legacy Business Cultures: Paul discussed the definition of bias, which according to the Meriam-Webster Dictionary 2014, is a tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc. are better than others that usually results in treating some people unfairly.  Click here to a recommended video (#OpenYourWorld Heinikein AD).  He also discussed neuroscience and how it relates to implicit bias. 

Reflective Listening: The New Way to Solve Problems and Get Cooperation with Paul Endress, Founder & CEO, Maximum Advantage: Paul discussed the principles of effective communication, which are: the result of the communication is your responsibility, people will tell you everything you need to know if you listen, and it is better to be successful than comfortable. Listening fails because our brain thinks four times faster than the other person can talk.  Therefore, while they are talking, we think about what they said, not what they meant by what they said.  Reflective listening is decoding and verifying the idea the other person is transmitting.

The Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2018 with Dan Schawbel, Research Director, Future Workplace: Dan indicated that we need to embrace artificial intelligence, focus on diversity and on skill gaps.  Key trends are the aging workforce, embracing diversity, employee burnout, and that employment impacts consumers. 

I also had the privilege in participating in a round table discussion facilitated by Dr. Melanie Peacock at the SHRM Global Lounge regarding #MeToo: What Does This Mean for International Organizations?  

On Tuesday, June 19  & Wednesday June 20, I plan on attending the following sessions:

The Forgotten ‘T’ in LGBT Diversity: Best Practices for Creating a Transgender-Inclusive Workplace with Todd Solomon, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery, LLP.  Check out my interview with Todd

Recruiting Diversity: Let’s Get Tangible with Kathryn Christie, Director Talent Academy, Self Management Group.  Check out my interview with Kathryn

HR on Purpose!! Five Ways to Own, Lead and Integrate HR Throughout Your Organization with Steve Browne, SHRM-SCP, SHRM Board Member, Executive Director of HR with LaRosas, Inc.

Thank you for allowing me to share my #SHRM18 experience for Sunday and Monday.  I am looking forward to Part 2 of my blog, which will be about events and sessions that I attend on June 19 and 20 along with concluding thoughts about SHRM18.









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