Expand Your World -- Introducing the #SHRM18 Bloggers



As an HR professional in 2018, where's the best place to expand your world?  There is no better place than the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition where internationally-renowned speakers, who will offer fresh points of view and inspiring stories, will shift your perspectives and deepen your understanding of leadership, motivation and success.  

Over 200 concurrent sessions will provide a complete education for HR professionals at every stage of their career. Based on the SHRM Competency Model these sessions will delve into the cutting-edge trends that will impact your workplace.

Thousands of attendees will expand their worlds as they travel to Chicago, Illinois, June 17-20 for #SHRM18 -- and SHRM Blog Squad is sure to be a big part of the experience. 

We are honored to officially announce the #SHRM18 bloggers, all of whom truly represent this year’s conference theme, Expand Your World. These highly talented HR professionals are not only "social influencers" who can reach a huge global audience, they are people with a passion for learning, sharing and networking.  HR practitioners, consultants, educators and business owners, the #SHRM18 bloggers will be heavily engaged with attendees from start to finish, while virtually connecting millions of HR professionals from around the world.   

Whether you're attending the conference in person, or watching all the action via social media, you’ll want to keep up with this amazing group of HR professionals starting now and continuing well beyond June’s activities in Chicago.  We are honored to host this powerful group of #SHRM18 bloggers and cannot wait to connect them with all of you- online and IRL - in real life -- at #SHRM18!   

The #SHRM18 Bloggers


KIran Ali                   @Kiran_Ali91

Kavi Arasu               @_Kavi (SHRM India)

Anish Aravind        @AnishAravind

Sabrina Baker         @sabrinalbaker

Meghan Biro           @MeghanMBiro

Sarah Brennan        @ImSoSarah

Dawn H. Burke        @DawnHBurke

Jillian Caswell         @JillianACaswell

Cecilia Clark           @ceciliaclark923

Dan Cross               @CrossOverHR

Wendy Dailey          @wyndall93

Andrea Devers        @thegirlinHR

Keith Enochs           @KeithCEnochs 

Carlos Escobar        @cescobar78 

Ben Eubanks           @beneubanks

Mary Faulkner         @mfaulkner43

Mark Fogel              @HC3

Bradley Galin           @bradgalin

Michael Haberman   @MikeHaberman

Paula Harvey             @Paula4Harvey 

Paul Hebert              @IncentIntel

Maren Hogan           @MarenHogan

John Hudson            @johnphudson 

Teela Jackson           @TeelaJackson

John Jorgensen         @jkjhr

Katrina Kibben          @KatrinaKibben 

Sharlyn Lauby           @sharlyn_lauby               

Lina Le                      @linale90 (SHRM YP Council)

Andrew Marcotte    @andrewpmarcotte (SHRM YP Council)

Kelly Marinelli           @KellyinBoulder 

Trish McFarlane        @TrishMcFarlane

Jessica Merrell           @jmillermerrell

Eric Meyer                 @eric_b_meyer

Kristina Minyard        @HRecruit

John Nykolaiszyn       @CigarSPHR

Christopher Orozco   @ChrisOrozco72 

Anthony Paradiso      @allthingzap 

Shweta Pathak          @shweta_hr

Jennifer Payne           @JennyJensHR

Melanie Peacock        @doublempeacock 

Claire Petrie               @_strclaire 

Joey Price                   @JoeyVPriceHR

Tamara Rasberry       @tmrasberry 

Renee Robson           @ReneeRoberz 

Josh Rock                  @JRock96 

Dominique Rodgers  @HRGalFriday 

Janelle Rodriguez      @janeller1021 

Steven Rothberg       @StevenRothberg

Dave Ryan                @DaveTheHRCzar

Mofota Sefali             @Mofota 

Jonathan Segal          @Jonathan_HR_Law

Brent Skinner            @brentskinner

Mary Ellen Slayter     @MESlayter

Matthew Stollak        @akaBruno

Jon Thurmond          @Jon_Thurmond

Anne Tomkinson      @annetomk

Gemma Toth            @Gem4Ever

Gwendolyn Turner     @GwenFTurner 

Michael Vandervort   @mikevandorvort

Ben Watts                 @wattsnextBen

Sue Ellen Watts         @sel_watts

Jazmine Wilkes         @hrjazzy

Mary Williams           @conmkw

Mike Woodward        @DrWoody

Tony Zamora            @TonyDZamora







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