#SHRM18 = Amazing!



(Left – Right) Paula Harvey, Anthony Paradiso, Michelle Kohlhof, SHRM CEO, Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., Mary Williams, & SHRM Board Chair, Coretha Rushing

There are many words that come to mind when describing SHRM18 but there is one that REALLY sticks out, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  SHRM18 will truly be an experience that I will never forget.  I was very excited when I received the invitation to come to the annual conference as a blogger. But, I was also a little nervous.  I’ve been to a fair number of conferences but nothing compares to the SHRM Annual Conference.  Knowing that the conference was expected to have around 17,000 attendees was...a little nerve-racking to say the least.  Needless to say, my response was #TogetherForward & #ExpandYourWorld, which I most certainly did.  Mission Accomplished!

Along with the exceptional keynote speakers, which included the electrifying SHRM CEO and President, Johnny C. Taylor Jr., I attended approximately 10 concurrent/mega sessions that discussed the CHRO perspective, implicit bias, reflective listening, top 10 workplace trends, LGBT best practices, political correctness, beyond one’s title, diversity & inclusion, recruiting, #HRonPurpose, #MeToo movement on an international level, etc.  It is clear that I attended a wide variety of HR topics.  In a future blog, I will discuss the sessions I attended in greater detail.  For now, you can click here to a blog that I wrote during the conference and a blog that Paula Harvey and I wrote, The CHRO Perspective: How the Best Make it Happen!

I’m sure by now you have read some material to guide you for #SHRM19.  Here are some words of wisdom:

  •  Definitely…Definitely…  Wear comfy shoes & dress casually!
  •  Prepare a schedule of the sessions you want to attend but do not overdo it. 
  •  Prepare to network and meet a lot of new people.  Bring business cards.
  •  Save time to visit the expo and vendors.
  •  We are there for the conference but to also see some parts of the city. 
  •  Go out for a little after the conference.   The conference usually ends at a good time.
  •  Talk to the presenters, either after the session is over or if they are signing books.
  •  Participate in the SHRM FitBit Challenge
  •  HAVE FUN & Be You!!!

SHRM18 certainly made me come out of my shell.  I enjoy socializing, discussing issues with various groups & individuals, and going out, but I tend to stay within my shell and I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone at this one of a kind conference.  It was extremely helpful becoming a #SHRM18Blogger as I built relationships with other attendees through social media and SHRM’s #NextChat.  It was great to meet those who I talked with on social media #IRL (In Real Life).  Those who I met are really amazing people and I look forward to getting to know them further.  I am also a part of my State’s SHRM Council (in NJ, GSC-SHRM) and really had a nice time connecting with those who attended. 

If you have not already, please join your local SHRM chapter and get involved.  By getting involved, you will learn a lot, positively enhance the HR profession, meet great people, make great connections, and you will certainly expand your world. 

We must also thank those who support our endeavors.  While we were fortunate enough to attend such an amazing event, we had to leave our families for a few days.  Additionally, we were not able to be at our offices so our colleagues had to assist us while we were out.  I specifically want to thank my wonderful husband, Vincent for all of his support, as well as my parents, Industrial U.I. Services & GSC-SHRM. 

Garden State Council-SHRM (GSC-SHRM) Volunteer Leaders

#SHRM18 was surely a great and a wonderful experience.  I highly recommend attending one of the SHRM Annual Conferences.  Looking forward to connecting with you in Las Vegas for #SHRM19!





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