#SHRM17 Bound: Get the most out of your NOLA experience!

#SHRM17 Bound: Get the most out of your NOLA experience!

Whether you’re a first time attendee or a SHRM Annual Conference veteran, it can be a little overwhelming stepping into a big city full of jazz, Cajun culinary adventures, and now – HR professionals! If you want to make the most of your #SHRM17 and #NOLA experience while also keeping your stress to a functioning minimum, read on, intrepid #HR pro!

Don’t let FOMO take over

Me and my millennial cohorts are often guilty of serious cases of FOMO (fear of missing out), but I think it can affect us all with an exciting event like #SHRM17 offering the abilities to network, learn, and grow both professionally and personally. While many of us have interests in doing ALL THE THINGS, we are all human. Don’t set yourself up for frustration by filling your days to the brim with sessions all day, every day. Think about the areas of your professional development you really want to improve and hone in on sessions in those categories. A few alternate choices are always a good idea in the event of a maxed capacity session that’s particularly popular, but give yourself time to breathe, recharge, and enjoy the beautiful sights, sounds, and eats of New Orleans. Plus, there’s always #SHRM18 to look forward to! Anyone else excited for Chicago already? J

Get ready to talk ‘till you drop! Or at least more than usual…

Many of us secret introverts (present!) can feel a bit anxious or overwhelmed with the potential to be talking whenever we’re not listening, engaging, and learning. #SHRM17 is a phenomenal opportunity to network and meet fellow #HR rock stars you’d never meet otherwise, but all that chit chat can be daunting to those homebodies among us. As an introvert myself who has gotten comfortable pushing outside my comfort zone, I have to say the benefits certainly are there – I’ve learned more about where to go, what to see, and how to stay safe by making conversation with the friendly waiters, Uber drivers, and hotel concierges I’ve run into. Know your limits and recognize when to recharge, but if you can, see what tips and tricks you can learn from the locals by making genuine, friendly conversation. If you’re still feeling like there’s just too much going on to join ANOTHER social mixer, hop on the #SHRM17 message boards and start a few group text chats or email threads – sometimes mingling with a smaller squad can feel less daunting but be just as rewarding.

We have the technology

Get prepared and plot out your conference schedule with the #SHRM17 Conference app! You’ll have the ability to see maps on the fly, download presentation, and add conference events to your personal calendar so you can coast through the day knowing exactly where you need to be and when. I’d also recommend logging into any social media apps, email, and Wifi you want to use as soon as you can – it’s so much easier to send a Tweet about something fascinating you learned or snap a picture of your mouthwatering jambalaya for the family back home when all your accounts are logged in. For those of us out of walking distance from the conference center, being logged into Uber or Lyft with your payment info saved and ready to go is also helpful. Because I’m the girl who over-prepares for everything, I even put my most used conference apps on the bottom two rows of my phone screen:


With all that said, don’t forget that we’re all here to learn, enjoy the incredible city, and make relationships that will last a lifetime. There’s no perfect way to attend #SHRM17, so listen to your body and mind in knowing what approach works best for you! Can’t wait to see you all SOON!



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