#SHRM16 Report- Day 2: Visiting the Vendors


Although I hit two great concurrent sessions today and a very interesting keynote address I will talk about them at another time. I wanted to highlight some of the vendors I have visited. I look for some of the smaller vendors, not exclusively, but generally some that have an interesting product or service.

Ultimate Software

The social media team at Ultimate Software consisting of Desiree Parcaro and Micole Kaye, contacted me and took me to dinner. For that I thank them. Admittedly Ultimate is not the smallest or most unique but the do offer an HRIS that a single unified solution for HR. It includes payroll, global human capital management, benefits enrollment and talent management all in one place, so they are worth a look if you are in the market for new HR solutions.

First Advantage

I interviewed Michael Pilnick from First Advantage. They are also not small, in fact they one of the largest background check firms in a very crowded field. What makes them unique however is they have VERY GLOBAL capabilities. They operate in 179 countries. In a world where we are hiring more and more people in other countries because of their ability to operate globally it is important to have a background company that can determine if that small group you are hiring in the Philippines are quality employees. First Advantage can do that for you. They are well aware of the privacy laws in numerous countries in order to be able to assist companies in their global hiring.

I asked Michael what challenges he saw in the next five years for his industry. The first challenge was more regulation and compliance. Secondly, changes in technology that will increase the ease of use, especially through mobile, and decrease the price. Thirdly was the ability to use the big data they are collecting and turn it into a predictive tool. They do 70 to 100 million checks per year. That is a tremendous amount to human capital data.

Onesource Virtual

Onesource Virtual is a partner with Workday and offers business process outsourcing. As a partner with Workday they can guide customers through planning, architecture, configuration, testing and deployment of Workforce. Their objective with every project is to implement the Workday SaaS platform for customers as quickly as possible, using as many features as possible, with the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality. They promise a higher return on your Workday investment with Workforce administration services from OneSource Virtual. They claim to be “…not the traditional offshoring, lift-and-shift outsourcing vendor.”


LinkUp is a company that scours company websites and looks at their open jobs. They then make that available to jobseekers and send them directly to the companies websites eliminating the need for jobseekers to search sites individually. By the way they were handing out really cool socks.


Arrella is made up of three guys who used to do custom videos for companies to help foster employee engagement. One day it dawned on them that there might be a larger market for video if they didn’t cost $25,000 each. So they started making engagement videos and more in a bit more generic manner and at a significantly discounted price. With Millennial and Gen Z employees video is an important tool to foster engagement, train on culture and policy and procedures and help with compliance. But they don’t just make videos, the can track the numbers on how many employees have viewed. It is mobile friendly and don’t worry about being too generic they will customize things for you too.


Varidesk.com offers solutions to help employees fight their fitness problems. They offer a variety of standup desk products that range from a very simple and inexpensive solution that raises up on the top of your regular desk to much more complicated solutions for corners. They offer stools that can be used to occasionally relieve the employee from standing and the stools will raise and lower as well. You can order online and have them shipped. I think this may be a solution for my home office as well as for my wife.


The last vendor I wanted to mention in this report is Toastmasters. Nobody was talking to the young man in the booth. All HR people should be or should have taken a Toastmasters course. Every HR person should have platform skills and Toastmasters is an excellent way to learn those skills. I am even thinking of returning myself for a round as I try to hone my speaking skills. Take a look at them.

That rounds out this look at some of the more interesting vendors I came across. I encourage you to show all the vendors some love, but especially the unique or small or creative or lonely ones in the hall.



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