#SHRM15: The Choice is Yours


I am grateful to have been chosen as a member of the #SHRM15 bloggers for the 3rd consecutive year. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it due to family and work commitments. Although I cannot attend this year, I have attended several national conferences and each one has been memorable. The national conference provides yet another opportunity for HR professionals to learn new things, meet new people, and connect with friends. While some of you may be attending as a representative of your company, you all are attending as a representative of yourself. Since you are always representing yourself, the conference gives you many choices.

We all love lists, so I’ve decided to provide you a list of choices you may encounter while attending SHRM 15. You have the choice to:

  •       attend
  •       go on your own dime
  •       go on your employer’s dime
  •       own your experience
  •       attend the sessions that will help your current situation
  •       knock the conference
  •       have fun
  •       use the conference to enhance your development
  •       meet peers in the industry
  •       share stories
  •       enjoy the night life
  •       opt in
  •       check out
  •       complain
  •       make connections
  •       attend only for the parties
  •       make the conference better for future attendees
  •       advocate for change
  •       have a voice
  •       lose your voice


There are many other choices you will have while in Vegas. Make the most of your experiences and, remember, you are an adult and you own your choices. Have fun and share your experiences for those who cannot attend. I’ll be choosing to watch from afar.


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