#SHRM15 Bloggers are Unmanageable…and That’s Exactly Why They Rock!


As a father of three kids 12- and under, a little league coach, a girls’ soccer coach, and a den leader for 25 seven-year old cub scouts, I’ve had no shortage of opportunities to manage the unmanageable –failing every time!  You would think I’d learn but nope- here I am only days away from the largest HR gathering ever faced with the prospect of managing the most unmanageable group of all- Bloggers!  But, the reality is that’s exactly why they rock and why you should follow them! 

I’ve worked with bloggers from all across the world, in all corners of the world, and I’ve found that there is one universal truth about these twenty-first century journalists- they are passionate!  About their writing, about their profession, and about those hard-earned followers they serve!  So, in truth, it’s not our job to corral them- it’s our job to give them the support they need and watch them do what they do best!  The #SHRM15Blogger team- all 45 plus of them- are the very best at what they do- writing about the HR profession from all angles and disciplines. 

For our team it’s not a one-time a year activity- it’s 365-days a year- working with these amazing folks! Sure, they will go through food like a football team, and demand more internet band-width than a girls volley ball team in a hotel lobby- but they are the best because they demand access to the news and stories that matter- to you! 

While it’s never easy to manage their needs there’s one thing we never need to remind them to do- Write! Workforce and workplace issues, technology and innovation, legal compliance, compensation and benefits- all the relevant topics as well as any number of human interest pieces that bring the SHRM Annual Conference experience to you!   

The #SHRM15Blogger crew are passionate, opinionated and demanding.  Most importantly, they are committed to you- the audiences they serve- and because of all those reasons and a lot more it’s both a welcome challenge and our privilege to host them at the #SHRM15 Annual Conference and Exposition.    

For a full list of the SHRM15 Bloggers, please click here



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