We are less than a week from the start of the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, which kicks off in Chicago on Sunday, June 16.
I will roll into town on Monday. My plan is to hit the House of Blues that night for The Official #SHRM13 TweetUp & Afterparty. Next day, I'll be chugging hair of the dog shuttling between the Blogger's Lounge and The HIVE, where I'll ultimately set up shop and take your social media questions in the "Ask the Expert Session" at 10:30 AM.
Are you going? First time? What's your plan? (Let me know in the comments below).
WeKnowNext has a nice post on Maximizing your SHRM Annual Experience, as well as Eight Things Not To Do at #SHRM13. Plus, Blogging4Jobs.com hooks you up with the Exclusive #SHRM13 Unofficial Party Guide.
And if I may offer one piece of advice: If there are particular people with whom you would like to network, schedule time BEFORE you get to #SHRM13.
I'd love to meet some of my readers. If you would like to meet up -- unless your hygiene is poor; keep your distance -- email me, tweet me, connect on LinkedIn. Or just tap me my security on the shoulder at the #SHRM13 TweetUp. They'll summon me from the dumpster in the alley my table behind the velvet rope.
The SHRM Blog does not accept solicitation for guest posts.

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