SHRM Welcomes WFPMA World Congress to Chicago


SHRM President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., with the WFPMA leadership in Chicago. From left, Bob Morton, Peter Wilson, Leyla Nascimento and Jorge Jauregui.


I am excited to welcome some of the greatest HR leaders in the world to Chicago this week for the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) biannual World Congress. SHRM is honored to be hosting over 1,300 representatives from 80 national HR associations—the “SHRMs” of the rest of the world—from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Founded in 1976, WFPMA supports the development of HR professionals and the advancement of HR best practices all over the world. All together, its institutional members represent over 600,000 HR professionals and many millions more workers across the globe. SHRM acts as the Secretariat to the WFPMA, as well as to our regional organization, the North American Human Resource Management Association, of which I am proud to be a Board member.

In talking to my counterparts from every continent, I am more convinced than ever that HR issues and challenges are universal. We may be at different mileposts on our journey, but our destination is the same. We all want to build inclusive workforces where talent is preeminent, and people come first in an increasingly automated world.

Everywhere on our planet, organizations struggle with the ability to move talent to where it is needed and with managing diverse workforces with a dizzying array of cultures and customs. That’s the beauty of the World Congress—sharing the challenges and solutions with people who can really understand, even if they speak different languages.

I want to congratulate Leyla Nascimento, president of ABRH-Nacional, Brazil’s largest HR association, who will serve as WFPMA President for 2018-2020. Leyla is the first female president in WFPMA 42-year history. I also want to thank outgoing WFPMA President Peter Wilson, Chair of the Australian Human Resource Institute, for his 12 years of service to the WFPMA Board.

I know that when our globe trotters leave Chicago this week, they will be inspired and reenergized, with new networks and new knowledge. Even if they take just one new, innovative idea back with them, it can have a monumental impact on thousands of workplaces and millions of people in their countries. That’s the power of a global connection and a profession with worldwide relevance.


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