SHRM Tune in Tuesdays and the Workplace Culture that Helps Teams Win


Although I’m sad I couldn’t see 20,000 of my HR friends in San Diego this year, I’m so glad SHRM is hosting Tune in Tuesdays once a month.

I love seeing live virtual sessions and engaging with fellow HR pros in the chat. The first session today was featuring Johnny C Taylor and Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix. This was my first time seeing Patty speak and she was very engaging and full of passion.

My top two takeaways from the discussion were:

1) Especially now during COVID-19, HR professionals need to ask if certain things we do really matter. Policies, procedures, ways of working, etc. Now is the time to eliminate things that don’t work or don’t matter and focus on helping our employees and teams win at work.

2) I loved Patty’s discussion around the Netflix culture deck that has been viewed millions of times. This culture slide deck helped candidates self select in or out when considering the company and helped attract the right type of candidates. Those who were going to be happy coming to work every day because the culture was a good fit for them. These take a ways helped me get the wheels turning on taking a closer look at talent acquisition processes, the area of HR I oversee at my organization.

I also loved what Patty said about thinking six months out from now, what would AMAZING look like? What would be happening that’s not happening today? What would employees have to know now in order to be amazing in six months? Especially during this time of business conditions changing rapidly, it’s hard sometimes in HR to focus on the bigger picture when so many day to day needs are in front of us.

I loved the encouragement to think big, understand the players on your team, remove barriers and help them win.

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