SHRM Talent Preview with Natalie Massey

The relationship between HR and administrative staff is vital to the success of an organization. While HR is responsible for managing and developing a company's workforce, administrative staff members play a critical role in supporting HR processes and functions. They are the backbone of the organization - for example, handling day-to-day tasks such as managing employee records, scheduling interviews, and maintaining compliance with labor laws and regulations.

The best HR leaders are focused on leveraging the skills and expertise of administrative staff members to improve people processes and HR functions. Why? Because by working closely with admin staff, HR leaders can streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and enhance the overall employee experience.

Ways HR and Admin Can Better Collaborate
One way HR leaders can better utilize admin staff is by increasing their involvement in HR decision-making. Administrative staff members often have a wealth of knowledge about the company and its employees, making them valuable contributors to HR strategy development. HR leaders can engage admin staff by asking for their input and feedback on HR initiatives, training them on new HR processes, and providing them with opportunities for professional growth and development.

Another way HR leaders can better utilize admin staff is by providing them with access to training and development programs. By investing in admin staff's professional development, they can acquire new skills and knowledge that can benefit HR functions. Admin staff members can be trained to handle employee relations issues, manage HR software and systems, and conduct research to support HR decision-making.

Lastly, HR leaders can foster a culture of collaboration between HR and administrative staff by recognizing and valuing the contributions of admin staff members. HR leaders can create opportunities for cross-functional collaboration, where HR and administrative staff members work together to solve business problems and achieve organizational goals.

HRchat Interview with Natalie Massey

In HRchat episode 562, I talk with a former recipient of the NASA Honor Award in Administrative Excellence about ways HR and Admin teams can better integrate and support each other.
Natalie Massey is Operations Coordinator of the Space Exploration Sector at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Natalie leads the team that runs the SES office and supports the Sector Head and members of the Executive Leadership Team. She provides oversight and analysis of operations and prioritizes day-to-day operations.

Natalie will be speaking at SHRM Talent Conference later this month.

Listen to the interview as Natalie looks ahead to the April 16-19 conference and discuss her session called 'Your Admin Staff: Tapping HR’s Golden Natural Resource'.

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